Rotterdam – the underrated Dutch city 

In our opinion, Rotterdam is an underrated city. Everyone has been to Amsterdam somehow, and it attracts masses of tourists every year. It is also a significant advantage of Rotterdam: You don’t meet thousands of tourists on every corner, but friendly local Dutch people.

Rotterdam has a beautiful and modern architecture to offer. And that makes it so different from Amsterdam: small, old canal houses like those in Amsterdam are hard to find here. 

Instead, there are some futuristic buildings, beautiful cafes, small boutiques, and lots of charm. 

Today our local guides are giving your some indiders’ tips. This information is useful to find the best free walking tour Rotterdam, look for a walking dinner tour Rotterdam or organize your self-guided walking tour of Rotterdam.

Are you ready to discover the history of the city with your tour guide? Walking through Rotterdam’s town during a Rotterdam tour is the best way to see the Market Hall and follow your local guide to cross the Erasmus Bridge or discover the unique Cube Houses and the old buildings that survived the World War.

Take out your Rotterdam walking tour map … here we go!

Rotterdam Walking Tour

Rotterdam Walking Tour

To best discover the city, it is excellent to know some locals. Our best local tour guide in Rotterdam is giving us information on the way to visit Rotterdam and the things to do and see.

Here, the walking areas and cycle paths in Rotterdam are just as well developed as in Copenhagen, and since the city is not that big, a Rotterdam walking tour on foot or is a great option!

You can see a lot of the city, and you are flexible. 

You can also book bikes directly in most hotels and hostels, but there is also a bike rental shop on every corner. Bikes are as popular in Rotterdam as they are in Amsterdam!

And if you don’t feel like cycling, you can also take the tram and metro in Rotterdam. 

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Tours in Rotterdam

Rotterdam Walking Tour

Overall, Rotterdam is more of a lifestyle and shopping city and not a classic sightseeing city like Rome or London. The city has very little in common with her big sister Amsterdam. 

However, if you are in the mood for a city break, shopping, architecture, and water, then Rotterdam is for you, and you can choose from the best free walking tour Rotterdam such as:

  • A free walking tour Rotterdam Deutsch
  • A free walking tour Rotterdam English 
  • The Rotterdam architecture walking tour 
  • And many other Rotterdam walking tours in several languages

But what will you discover in Rotterdam? Here is some advice from our local guide to best discover the Dutch city.

  • Explore the Witte de Withstraat: The streets there have plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars but also alternative clothing stores. It’s all a little less mainstream and very popular with Rotterdam residents. Pay attention to street art that can be seen on many house walls.
  • Let yourself drift along the Nieuwe Binnenweg: Other great cafés, restaurants, and alternative clothing stores, and there are also the typical coffee shops as you know them from Amsterdam. 

The street goes from the city center to the Deslhaven district and is about three kilometers long. Nevertheless, you should walk along with it once and just let yourself drift. 

  • Enjoy the view from the Euromast: It is the tallest building in Rotterdam and offers you a great view over Rotterdam to the sea at 185 meters. There is a restaurant at 100 meters. From there, you can bridge the remaining meters with a rotating glass elevator. 
  • Near the Euromast, we also find the typical Dutch canal houses. The small harbor with old museum ships is also a good visit.
  • Head to the Wilhelminapier and enjoy a great view: The Erasmus Bridge is probably the most photographed attraction in Rotterdam. Its point can be seen from many parts of the city and connects the city center with the Wilhelminapier peninsula. 
  • Eat at the Fenix ​​Food Factory: It is located in the small district of Katendrecht on a peninsula in the Meuse. You can get there directly from Wilhelminapier via the little pedestrian bridge Rijnhavenbrug. 
  • But the heart is the Fenix ​​Food Factory with sales stands, cafés, and food trucks are housed in an old harbor hall. 
  • Visit the Blaak Markthal: it is similar to the Fenix ​​Food Factory, but the Blaak Markthal is, above all, an architectural highlight: in a huge arch, there are apartments and offices, and in the middle, the market hall itself. 
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There is also some exciting information about the market hall and a look behind the scenes.

In Rotterdam, you can also visit:

  • the largest port in Europe with a Rotterdam sightseeing and harbor tour
  • the famous Kinderdijk windmills to do some photos
  • have a look at eh Cube Houses opposite the Blaak Markthal

… and much more. Ask your local guide for more ideas!

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