Riga – the pearl of the Baltic sea

Pearl of the Baltic States! The Latvian capital Riga has been experiencing a tourist boom, at the latest since it was awarded the title of Capital of Culture and entered the European Union in 2014. And not without reason! Thanks to the beautiful historic old town, a great nightlife, many idyllic parks, and the perfect location by the sea, EVERYONE gets their money’s worth in Riga!

Besides, Riga is a real bargain for the travel budget compared to many other metropolises. Accommodation, dining out, and public transport is still absolutely affordable. And with the Latvian airline, AirBaltic can get to Riga quickly and cheaply from many European airports.

Riga’s classic tour will take you to the Freedom Monument, Riga Old Town, Moscow district, the Latvian National Opera, St Peters church, Riga Castle, the Swedish Gate, and more. All can be done on foot as the tour starts in Riga’s central area.

So, what are you waiting for? Off to the Baltic States! 

Riga Walking Tour

Riga Walking Tour

Today, our local guides in Riga will give you some tips to discover the city, find an unforgettable Riga walking tour and city walk, or a free walking tour Riga.

Choose your tour of Riga:

  • A Jewish r=Riga walking tour
  • The Riga art nouveau walking tour
  • A Riga free walking tour old town
  • An Old town Riga walking tour
  • Etc.

… and use your time to discover the city’s best sites, people, and culture.

 Tours in Riga

Riga Walking Tour

Latvia’s capital is no longer an insider tip. So pretty with its old town, so clean, so many stylish cafés and restaurants and such friendly people get around. 

Here are some of the best sites and places to visit during your stay in Riga:

  • The Old Town: Because of the many small alleys and pretty stunning gables are worth seeing. You can relax and explore the old town area, including the famous House of the Blackheads, on foot, and make one or two photo stops.
  • Pilsetas Canal: A stroll along the canal is a must. It is best to start at Krisjana Baronak Iela towards the Freedom Monument. If you stroll along to Kalpaka Park, that’s about 1.5 kilometers. 
  • Laima Chocolate: What Sprüngli is in Switzerland, Laima, is in Latvia. If you are a chocolate fan, you can’t avoid buying at least one bar.
  • Alberta Iela: In Riga, some of the main attractions are streets, and that’s because of the architecture. Alberta Iela is known for its many ornate Art Nouveau buildings. It is worth planning the road on a city tour and looking up again and again.
  • The wooden houses district: Another architecturally significant district of Riga is Kalniciems, with the wooden houses that have now often been restored that catch the eye. The proximity to Riga’s city center and the location directly on the water is very popular, and so the woody contemporary witnesses are rarely found in their original condition.
  • Kalnciema Market: The friendly market is right in the Holzhäuserviertel. Various products from the region or handmade items are sold every Saturday. It can be fresh bread, soups, cheese, honey, or even hand-knitted wool socks. 
  • The Cat House: If you go to a souvenir shop, you will surely notice: Riga and cats, there must be a connection. Indeed there is a story. That concerns the appropriately named Cat House. Curious? Ask the locals to tell you more about it!
  • Russia in Riga: Latvia has had a complicated history. The small country repeatedly fell victim to occupations of various nations. The Germans were there, and so were the Russians. The latter has had a substantial impact on the country. 
  • There is still a Russian quarter in Riga today: the Moscow suburb is called “Maskowas For state”. Similar to Kalnciemas, this is characterized by an old wooden construction. In the Second World War, it was also the Riga ghetto. If the houses could speak here, the stories would be very sad.
  • The Central Market: It also belongs to the Russian quarter. In various pavilions and old storage halls, countless stands make the market the largest in Eastern Europe. If you want to buy authentic groceries, you’ve come to the right place.
  • The National Latvian Art Museum: Impressive, the building of the Latvian National Museum of Art, was built in 1905 and was intended as an art museum from the start. It could also have been the seat of a state leader, as magnificent as it is. When you enter, you will look directly at a huge beautiful staircase. 
  • The museum surprises you again and again with his art, but also because of his architecture.
  • Get romantic in the tea pavilion: Watch out, it’s getting cheesy now. Go inside the Academy of Sciences to the tea pavilion right on the canal. You can choose a tea and maybe even cake; the selection is then on the tray to take away. 
  • You go up a narrow spiral staircase, and then it’s time to find a nice spot in the roundabout. If you are lucky, you will get one with a view of the canal. 
  • The food in Riga is delicious: Last but not least, how could it be otherwise? We have to say something about food and drink. Riga also has something to do with culinary delights and the modern hip kitchen. There are many stylish, excellent cafes. 
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