Reykjavik – the northern star

Those who travel to Iceland either have a well-filled travel budget or are smart and save a few euros here and there. Reykjavik has been “crowned” the most expensive city in the world this year: nowhere is the cost of living as high as in Iceland’s capital. 

The tourist notices this when looking for a hotel, continues in the supermarket, and often ends in open mouths in bars and pubs. 

Well, it’s not that bad, and you can secure your drink in the evening relatively quickly by saving a few crowns during the day. 

It’s not difficult either, because there are tons of things you can do in Reykjavik on a budget: free walking tour Reykjavik and self-guided walking tour Reykjavik are some of them.

Reykjavik Walking Tour

Reykjavik Walking Tour

Today, our local guides in Reykjavik give us some insiders tip, and they highly recommend discovering the city on foot. 

You will find all you need to understand Reykjavik’s history better and prepare your stay in Iceland, your road trip through history and culture, or your city walk-free tour Reykjavik.

With the city center as a starting point, you can quickly discover all parts of the city. Reykjavik’s full-day private tour will take you to the Parliament building, the City Hal, the famous concert hall, the Sun Voyager sculpture, and much more. Do it with a local on your side for a free city walk and some hour walking the different areas and parts of Reykjavik.

Iceland travelers… here we go to visit the city!

Tours in Reykjavik

Reykjavik Walking Tour

During your city walk free tour Reykjavik you will have the opportunity to see many fantastic sites and get closer to the locals. Here are some ideas from our local guides:

  • Take a free walking tour of Reykjavík

These city tours are entirely free. Most free walking tours take you from the parliament building in Austurvöllur for a good two hours through the city and focuses mainly on Iceland’s rich history. 

The many themed walking tours include everything from Vikings, elves, restaurants, nightlife …

  • Check out the excellent street art in the streets of Reykjavik. 
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Many famous pictures are hidden in the streets around the city center. We are sure you are probably already familiar with some from the Internet. 

  • The nature in the middle of Reykjavík

Just outside the city, about 5km from Hallgrimskirkja is the small park Elliðaárdalur. You can go there on foot, but you can also take the bus. There is a bus stop right next door. 

The small park is an oasis in the small town, and you immediately feel like you are in a fairytale forest. 

  • The Harpa concert hall

It is located right by the sea and world-famous Harpa concert hall: a large glasshouse in Reykjavik’s port. In the Harpa, you can take a leisurely look at the architecture (outside and inside) and look around in the small boutiques.

  • A foot bath with a view

This little insider tip is a real experience, especially in winter.  Following the coast west from the old port, you have a fantastic view and land directly at the Grotta lighthouse. 

Many do not know and, therefore, just walk by. There is a small hot spring here: the Kvika foot bath and the small pool invites you to take off your shoes and put them in the warm water. 

  • The old port of Reykjavík

Opinions are divided on whether this area is incredibly beautiful. We like the industrial charm, and the old port has more than enough to offer. There are some small shops, cafes, and restaurants as well as exhibitions and museums. Admittedly: 

  • Check out the city center and Hallgrimskirkja

Downtown Reykjavík is full of small shops, cafes, boutiques, and restaurants. Here you can walk along wonderfully and do shop window shopping. There is enough to see on the way to Hallgrimskirkja, and the church itself is an ideal place for a short photo break. 

  • Look at Reykjavík from above

The cheapest option is to climb onto the Perlan Museum’s sundeck, where the rooftop view is completely free. From here, you have an excellent all-round idea of the city and the neighboring areas.

Start your Reykjavik Walking Tours

At Riviera Bar Crawls & Tours, we love to experience new places as the locals would do.

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Here, in Iceland, you can check out the Northern Lights over Reykjavík.

If you’re lucky and the aurora borealis is strong, you can often see it over the rooftops of Reykjavík. Locals’ favorite place is somewhere on the coast, such as the Grotta lighthouse or the nearby Kvika foot bath.

These are the kind unique tips that we can get from walking tours in Reykjavik and other cities, thanks to the best local guides.

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