South of Vietnam is known for delicious food, the fertile Mekong Delta and the party metropolis of Vietnam called Ho Chi Minh City – better known to many as Saigon.


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A look at Saigon’s nightlife 

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The French brought European culture to the country, and the Americans brought prosperity and pleasure – until April 30, 1975. After Saigon could no longer be held, the Americans fled the country and surrendered South Vietnam overnight himself and the communist regime from North Vietnam. 

Saigon’s previously notorious and dissolute nightlife was wiped out in one fell swoop, as were the lives of thousands of people during the Vietnam War. 


The thriving bar and club scene on Rue Catinat (now Fong Khoi street) disappeared overnight – the dry spell lasted for more than 25 years. Saigon’s nightlife found its way back to its former glory only slowly. And, since 2006, the entertainment industry is booming again. Even if the bars and clubs are still under the authorities’ control, a hip club scene with live music has developed over the years.


Today, Ho Chi Minh City, the “Pearl of the Orient,” is a vibrant and aspiring economic metropolis. The nightlife is no longer as disreputable as it was in the days of American supporters. 

Although fluorescent neon signs still adorn the city’s clubs and discos, the legendary nightclub scene has given way to sinfully expensive cocktails. Anyone who knows other Southeast Asian cities and their entertainment options might think that the nightlife is far too good for Vietnam’s party stronghold. 


Despite everything, the young people want to leave the days of the war and rigid communism behind and are determined to look to a better future. Meanwhile, night after night, they celebrate in the hippest locations in town.


So … let’s embark on the best pub crawls in the party hub: Ho Chi Minh City and get ready for free shots at each bar, free beer, a great night, and a great time in Bui Vien are and around the backpackers’ party district!

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Ho Chi Minh City Pub Crawl– What to do in Ho Chi Minh City at night?

Since the nightlife takes place almost entirely in the first district, one can speak of Saigon’s nightlife. Because officially, the city center still bears this name. 


On Dong Khoi Street, the former Rue Catinat, where the infamous bars and clubs once lined up, are now new skyscrapers next to long-established hotels with their rooftop bars. You will find elegant designer boutiques next to elegant cafes, gourmet restaurants, trendy pubs, and some top-end bars, clubs, and lounges. 


Saigon’s nightlife doesn’t start until around 9 pm and ends exceptionally early, usually, about 1 am. 

In the backpacker district of Pham Ngu Lao, you can party and spend time in Bui Vien street and join the pub crawl in Ho Chi Minh City’s exciting nightlife hub.


On the other hand, another center for hip party locations is district 2 (the western expat’ area), where there are plenty of bars, often partying till 2 or 3 am, 

However, in district 1 and Phan Ngu Lao area, you will find the bars and clubs that party into the early hours.


In Saigon, a clear classification as a café, restaurant, bar, club, or disco is often tricky. Some bars are cafés with a French touch during the day, and when night falls, they turn into hip bars. The locations often have more to offer than just music and drinks. There is either an associated restaurant or a bar in the inner courtyard or on the roof.


After dinner, the locals visit either a karaoke bar or a music club with live music, and afterward, they go dancing in one of the countless hip discos. They usually end the evening or night with a drink in one of the cool pubs. 


Many partygoers go to one of the bars in the former opium refinery. Others like to party longer, and in some places, the day has long since dawned when they leave the clubs.

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Nightlife in Ho Chi Minh City – Where to party in Ho Chi Minh City? 


The nightlife is usually ushered in in the early evening with a delicious cocktail in a popular rooftop bar such as Saigon Saigon – but the view from the roof of the Caravelle Hotel has its price. 

Many of these rooftop bars also offer food. The ambiance, high above the neon signs to lounge music at dusk, is well worth the slightly higher price.


Rooftop bars:


  • Level 23 in the Sheraton Hotel Saigon

It is one of the highest bars in the city and is open from 4 pm to midnight. With a breathtaking view from the 23rd floor, this popular bar offers live music from 8.30 pm, a considerable range of wines, and delicious cocktails.


  • Shri on the 23rd floor of the Centec Tower

Great ambiance with an artificial watercourse. A very good kitchen with a neatly stocked wine rack. The tables for the dining area in a separate area.


  • Saigon Saigon at Caravelle Hotel

The bar on the Caravelle Hotel roof was one of the first roof bars in Saigon and offers a good view of the opera house opposite. The price level is high. A band entertains the guests in the evening.


Cafés, restaurants, bars, and clubs in the backpacker district of Pham Ngu Lao:


  • Allez Boo is a bar and party restaurant with a bamboo decoration and a high price level in the area. Mostly younger travelers from the West frequent here. Due to the popularity, the price level is relatively high.


  • Crazy Buffalo, with its neon buffalo, the mascot, is visible from afar. Travelers can be found on the four floors, especially on weekends.


  • Go2 is a night bar/ club which is open around the clock. It is already lively in front of the bar. Inside, the best dance music awaits the visitor, to which everyone dances here. You can relax on the roof terrace with a good view, where shishas are available in addition to food.


  • Spotted Cow is a fun, lively sports bar with various drinks available here from 11 am to early.


Trendy bars and clubs in the center / District 1:


  • Apocalypse Now is the oldest club in town, also known as Apo. It is now an institution in the city. From 7 pm to 2 am, celebrating travelers, expats, and locals meet here despite the high prices. A large dance floor is ideal for dancing to the latest dance floor hits, and you can go to the courtyard to cool off. 
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  • Q Bar was the first bar in Saigon in 1992. It has long been legendary. After a temporary closure, the opera house’s location has been delighting the mixed audience again since 2001 with hip music tracks. Not exactly cheap, but very popular. 


  • Xu Bar and Restaurant. With the lounge bar on the ground floor and the bar on the first floor, it is one of the most stylish cocktail bars in town with excellent cocktails, a beautiful crowd, and a great mix of expats and locals. By far one of the hippest bars in town.


  • Lush is a great club and party place to meet new people! From 7.30 pm there is dancing in both the garden bar and the main bar. The manga-style decor shows cool drawings. Usually, DJs play, and hip-hop night is on Friday.


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