Pub Crawls in Raleigh


Raleigh is where diversity meets Southern hospitality. It is one of the South’s most vibrant and eclectic cities, blending tradition, history, and modernity.

Its renowned gastronomy and its music scene have earned Rolling Stone magazine the ranking of Raleigh among the top 10 American cities for emerging music.


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Raleigh Pub Crawl- What to do in Raleigh at night?

Pub Crawl Raleigh

After dark, the city’s music scene comes to life. Check out the must-see spots, including an underground-style jazz club, C. Grace, Neptune’s and Kings, where indie rock performers perform, or the Red Hat Amphitheater and its concerts by national bands.


When happy hour hits, take your pick from over 350 beers on tap at Raleigh Beer Garden, which claims to have the world’s largest selection of draft beers.


Nightlife in Raleigh – Where to party in Raleigh? 


  • Boxcar Bar & Arcade is probably one of the best arcade and bar places with a well-maintained 80s and 90s style and a wide range of new innovative pinball tables and superbly restored.


  • Kings Dining & Entertainment: The place has a dozen lanes, a couple of pool tables, shuffleboard, table tennis, and at least two large bars.


  • C. Grace, where the ambiance is relaxed, has various seating options, including bars, tables with candles, and private corners with sofas and armchairs.


  • Watts and Ward is an incredible ’20s speakeasy bar, completed with stunning vintage decor, a hidden entrance that you can walk downstairs to, great drinks, and a large deck with plenty of tables and seating.


  • Gizmo Brew Works: The bar staff is friendly; the rural setting is relaxed, and if it’s not too cold, there is nothing like having a beer while sitting outside around the fire pit.


  • Dram & Draft is a fascinating bar and one of the locals’ favorite downtown bars.
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  • The London Bridge Pub is one of the best bars in Raleigh. The owners are great, and the staff is excellent.


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