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Canberra Pub Crawl– What to do in Canberra at night?


“Nothing is going on in Canberra!”: This prejudice against Australia’s capital ‘Canberra’ has long existed among travelers – and sometimes even the Australians themselves. At this point, however, they should be cleared up a little, and Canberra’s sites worth seeing are presented.


Due to the local university, the city is teeming with students. Anyone who knows Australia’s vastness can imagine that they don’t go home on the weekend. They rather stay in the capital and turn night into day.


What is there to do in Canberra now: 

In Canberra, almost everything takes place around the ‘Civic,’ the government district, and the man-made lake “Lake Burley Griffin.” Be it museums, clubs, and bars – yes, there is actually nightlife here! – or leisure activities. There is something for everyone in the capital.


If you want to spend the night in Canberra, you should do so during the lecture period, Many students travel home during the holidays and the city center empties significantly at this time. Otherwise, it is quite possible to turn night into day in the capital of Australia.


Between the “London Circuit” and “Bunda Street,” the hottest find clubs and bars of the city, such as the Treehouse. 


Later in the evening, most party people relocate their activities to one of the clubs, such as the Academy. The repurposed movie is mainly young people between 18 and 25 years who meet Charts dance on two different floors. The canvas of the former cinema is today slide and used light shows.

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Directly across the street are the ‘Tongue and Groove’, national and international, hanging up in every weekend DJs. You can dance and celebrate while outside on the indoor patio relaxed cocktail atmosphere.


Top pubs, often with live music and traditional Australian pubs! Canberra is the perfect mix if you will once take it easy and let come the evening on themselves want.


Our local guides and party experts advice: All it colorful and freaky like, shall in no case the ‘Cube’ on ‘Petrie Plaza’ miss! Wild sound of it, naked torso, confetti, bubbles, colorful costumes, and good beats are commonplace here.

Canberra Pub Crawl

Nightlife in Canberra – Where to party in Canberra? 

In addition to the festivities already mentioned, which students occasionally organize, there are of course pubs and bars in the city. There, you can have a lovely evening, as well as some discos that invite you to dance every weekend and on some weekdays.


Pandora’s, a disco, is trendy among these, where many dance enthusiasts meet. Especially on Thursdays and Saturdays, when there is beer at, particularly low prices. 

Depending on the week’s day and a possible party motto, the music in Pandora’s is just as jumbled as the audience; This disco is usually recommended for people who are not exactly looking for a specific music subculture.


Things look different at Heaven Club on Bunda Street, a disco that specializes primarily in techno. The Heaven Club is particularly popular in Canberra’s gay scene and is sometimes a “strangely colorful” sight for outsiders. The club is very well attended. Not least because of the right DJs, it is also interesting for heterosexuals (who, despite the particular popularity of the Heaven Club, make up a large part of the audience – it is not a club for Homosexuals).


The various clubs in the city are well represented and very popular with passing the time, mostly accepting travelers and interesting for tourists. You can have a cheap dinner in most clubs, play billiards, bingo, or darts, or try your luck at slot machines. Depending on the club’s program, many of them also have live music, film evenings, or similar events that you can find out about and are just as open to travelers.

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One of Canberra’s largest clubs is the Workers Club, where there are excellent and inexpensive meals in the restaurant every day and where you can while away the time with various games.


The Tradesmen’s Union Club also has a restaurant and slot machines; it also offers a sauna and squash courts.


The Canberra Labor Club is known for appearances by various rock bands and sometimes also offers discos. There is good, inexpensive food and bingo there every day.


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