Prague – The Golden City

Prague survived the two world wars completely unscathed. All the buildings, all the cobblestone streets, and even the street lamps are still in Prague today as they were centuries ago. 

There are no more than individual city quarters in other European cities in which the architecture and cityscape of the last centuries have been preserved; mostly, there are only individual buildings – but not in Prague. 

All of Prague is one big open-air museum. In case you’ve been to an amusement park before and were wondering where the hell it looks like an amusement park. But Prague looks like this! 

It’s hard to believe. The city is full of significant historical moments and is surrounded by a peculiar mystical atmosphere: Prague lives from its centuries-old stories and myths about spirits, alchemists, and mythical creatures such as the golem.

Prague Walking Tour

Prague Walking Tour

As soon as you arrive in a new city, you want to explore and understand how things go in this new place. The best way is to take a free walking tour Prague such as Sandemans walking tour Prague, or to go for a Prague walking tour before planning your own Prague walking tour self-guided  

In Prague, as in many big cities, there are Free Walking Tours to explore the city on foot with a city guide. And for free.  

The tours are no worse than tours you have to pay for, so don’t be afraid! It should be clear that if you find the best local guide in Prague, you will be happy to tip him in the end. In Prague, there are many providers of free walking tours in different languages, most of which start near the Old Town Square, so you can confidently choose one of them based on what you wish to do:

  • Free walking tour Prague Castle
  • Prague communist walking tour 
  • Walking tour Old Town Prague 
  • Free walking tour Prague new town
  • Jewish walking tour Prague
  • And more

Insiders’ tip: take a 2-3 hour free walking day tour to get to know Prague and book a ghost tour through Prague in the evening. The ghost tours through Prague give you a completely different insight, and you will hear many scary stories from historic Prague.

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If you stroll through the Czech Republic capital and the Vltava river, you will come across an architectural variety straight out of a picture book. Discover Prague, walk to the Astronomical clock in Prague’s Old Town (the locals’ meeting point), find out about the Velvet Revolution, stroll in the new town and the Jewish Quarter, St Vitus, Charles Bridge … and find out what Prague and the Czech are about.

Besides Baroque, Gothic, and Cubist buildings, you will also find numerous Art Nouveau buildings in Prague. You don’t even have to be a connoisseur of the architectural styles to enjoy the former royal seat’s sight. 

The remarkable thing about architectural diversity is that the Czech capital survived the Second World War almost unscathed. 

Here you will gain an insight into a Europe that did not end in destruction and had to be painstakingly rebuilt. A walking tour through Prague sometimes feels like a little journey into the past.

Tours in Prague

Today we take you to a Prague walking tour, the capital of the Czech Republic. You knew that Prague should be beautiful, but the fact that the city is so beautiful will blow your mind. 

Prague Walking Tour

This time it’s not just a regular city trip. You will discover one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. 

What flashed us was that Prague’s old town is still in top condition and you can see beautiful streets there. The houses are richly decorated with stucco, ornaments, figures and are truly magnificent. It is not for nothing that Prague is also called the Golden City.

Of course, our local tour guides have summarized the top sights for you, and we hope that our shortlist can convey the beauty of Prague:

  • Prague Castle (Pražský hrad) and the Vitus Cathedral (part of Prague Castle)
  • Charles Bridge is best visited in the morning
  • Jerusalem Synagogue
  • Clementinum
  • Strahov Library
  • Vyšehrad – the ramparts of the Old Town
  • The Old Town Hall and Old Town Square
  • Jewish Quarter with the Spanish Synagogue and the Old Jewish Cemetery
  • Tyn Church
  • Franz Kafka statue
  • St. Nikolaus Church in Lesser Town with a steeple and a fantastic view
  • Henry’s Tower (Heinrichsturm – Jindřišská věž)
  • The National Theater
  • Loreto
  • New World (Nový Svět)
  • Petřín Lookout Tower
  • Dancing house
  • St. Benedict Church
  • John Lennon Wall
  • The Kranners fountain
  • Wenceslas Square
  • The Emmaus Monastery
  • 28th narrowest street in Prague
  • The sculpture in front of the Kafka Museum
  • Rifle Island (Střelecký Ostrov)
  • Pedal boats on the Vltava
  • St. Nicholas Church in Prague’s Old Town
  • The Strahov Monastery
  • The Bridge over the Čertovka with love locks
  • Hradschin Square
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These are only some of the many things to see during your walking tours in Prague. Ask your local guide for more alternatives spots and unique venues, as well as for some food and drinking hotspots acclaimed by the locals.

Start your Prague Walking Tours

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We have listed the best local guides and some of the best walking tours in Prague and other cities throughout Europe. The idea is that you don’t miss any activity, highlight, or tips and that you can get in touch with your local guide in Prague, in Paris, in London beforehand, so you can enjoy their knowledge and experiences in the city, to make a memorable visit.

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