Porto – the “Unbeaten” Portuguese city

porto walking tour 

Portugal has tons of opportunities and activities. The country is perfect for a beach vacation or for learning to surf. It offers a range of historical and cultural monuments and delicious cuisine, with tons of new things to try. 


Besides, compared to other destinations in Western Europe, Portugal is cheap to travel to.

In our opinion, Porto is particularly worth a visit as it combines all of the things mentioned about Portugal. You will find beautiful beaches right next to a vibrant city.


The location on the Atlantic Ocean and the Douro River makes Porto a picturesque place where you can experience new things every day. Be it spending a day on the beach, exploring the city and its sights, or trying the Portuguese cuisine and, of course, the world-famous port wine.


In any case, to best enjoy a new city, you can always opt for one of the best Porto walking tours with local guides. You can also start a free walking tour Porto such as Sandemans’ Porto free walking tour, Porto free walking tour Eugenia, or Porto walkers free walking tours & experiences.


 Porto Walking Tour

Today, our best local tour guides in Porto give us useful information to best plan and enjoy your visit and tour of Porto. 


We also asked locals a tricky question to know what should be in your free walking tour Porto Portugual. “if I can only look and see one place in Porto, which one would it be?”

  • In any case: Ribeira. It is the district on the southern bank of the Douro. There you have a fantastic view of the Ponte Dom Luis (the bridge that crosses the river) and the small boats. You can also overlook a large part of Porto and see the port wine stores. Probably the must-do in Porto!

Insiders’ tip: The sunset is particularly lovely to see there, and the city is illuminated with breathtaking lights. Don’t miss this! Don’t forget your camera!


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Tours in Porto

porto walking tour

There are so many sightseeing to do and tourist attractions to see in Porto. Here are some of the must-sees that you can easily manage to discover during your Porto walking tour.


Choose your city tour: free walking tour Porto en Portugues, Free walking tour Porto Italiano, ree walking tour Porto in English …; grab your walking tour map and let’s find out about this beautiful town.


First of all, head to Ribeira and Ponte Dom Luis. It is located on both sides of the riverbank, and there are many places to relax with breathtaking views from there.

Locals’ favorite place? Then you have to go to Avenida dos Aliados. It is the square with Porto’s town hall and my absolute favorite place in the city! It feels like coming home for most Porto people who are traveling out of the country.


From there, it is not far from Sao Bento.

The train station is not particularly interesting from the outside, but incredibly beautiful inside. The walls are all covered with the typical Portuguese azulejios – the blue tiles you repeatedly see on house walls. 

The azulejios show parts of Portuguese history, such as battles and wars, with their pictures.


From town, when you leave the train station area, you can already see the Torre dos Clerigos, a church tower that is the highest point in Porto. 

From the top, you can see all of Porto. The low entrance fee and the few steps are worth it for the view!


Then, of course, there are the beaches of Porto. 

Always a nice place to spend warm afternoons. I prefer the smaller Foz do Douro beaches over the large Matosinhos beach. 

In the summer, it doesn’t matter where you go; it will be full everywhere. Attention, the water is never warmer than 18 °C, not even in summer.


Our tour guide’s favorite location: The gardens around Palacio do Cristal.

Not only are a few beautiful peacocks roaming free there, but in the gardens, you repeatedly come across various viewpoints over Porto, the Douro, and the sea (below on the photo). It is a lovely spot in Porto that is not as crowded with tourists as some other places.

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Finally, If you want to have a nice day with friends in Porto, you can go to one of the beaches: Matosinhos or Leca de Palmeira. 


If you want to go out in the evening, you can start in one of the many restaurants in downtown Porto. From there, it goes on towards Piolho or Galeria de Paris. There you will find a few bars with mostly pretty reasonable prices. 


There are also various street festivals in the summer, with celebrations all over the street.


 Start your Porto Walking Tours

Discovering new places, spending weekends in a new city … these are the things that make our hearts beat faster and our faces smiling.


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We think that a city visit is more than its buildings, its tourist attractions! It is also about meeting the locals, understanding where they go, what they like to do and eat, and all these little things that only local guides can give you.

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