Pisa – the legendary!

Do you want to go on a city ​​break or a short vacation in Italy? Then you should keep the Tuscan city of Pisa in mind.  

The original spot on the Arno River has so much more to offer than the world-famous landmark, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

To be well informed about the impressive buildings and lively alleys with their Mediterranean flair, read the following insider tips. Check our advice for the best Pisa walking tour, free walking tour Pisa to organize your Pisa self-guided walking tour.

Pisa Walking Tour

Pisa Walking Tour

Suppose you want to experience an unforgettable vacation in the Italian city, then, of course. In that case, it is also essential to know what time of the year you should travel to the magical city. Therefore, the best travel time for Pisa and to enjoy your free walking tour, Pisa Italy, is from April to October. 

Our local tour guides in Pisa are showing you the city a different way: as. Local. You can then choose a dree walking tour Pisa in English, a free walking tour Pisa Espanol and many other Pisa guided walking tours.

What should you see in Pisa?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, the neighboring Santa Maria Assunta Cattedrale di Pisa on the lawn of the Piazza del Duomo, and the Baptistery, the Baptistery of the cathedral in Pisa, are the most beautiful and famous sights of the city – and unfortunately also overrun with tourists. 

If you are in Pisa for more than a few hours to climb the Leaning Tower, you should go to the Arno bridges.

So, get your Pisa walking tour map ready, and let’s start exploring the city!

Tours in Pisa

Pisa Walking Tour

Let’s follow your local guide and discover the best sightseeing in Pisa. Your walking tour will visit the city with sites such as Piazza Dei Miracoli, Piazza Dei Cavalieri, the Cathedral of the Baptistery, Old Ton Pisa, the Miracles Square, the Botanical garden, museums and Keith Haring artworks … and the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa!

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A walking tour Pisa from Piazza dei Cavalieri to the Arno

Not far away, in the city center, is the famous Piazza Dei Cavalieri. The square is known for its magnificent buildings and used to be the city’s secular main square.

The Piazza Dei Cavalieri is one of Pisa’s highlights, as there are magnificent historic buildings around the Piazza. The building of the elite university Scuola Normale Superiore on Piazza Dei Cavalieri is one of them.

Then, follow the wide pedestrian lane to the Arno River, which divides Pisa in half. From the bridges over the Arno, the view of the city is stunning. 

You can also stroll a little further to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II and then turn back.

Here, you can discover the many facades in the Old Town with it’s unique flair!

Walk down the alleys as the old town runs through a network of narrow streets. Then you will reach one of the many bridges over the Arno has a great view.

Discover the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. It is dedicated to the first king of the Kingdom of Italy, Victor Emanuel II of the House of Savoy.

A bit further, you will find the church of Santa Maria Della Spina aka Church of Thorns. It is located directly on the Arno. 

The church owes its name to a thorn from the crown of thorns. The church kept it for a long time. 

Continue your walking tour and stroll a little directly along the Arno and in the Old Town. Here you can enjoy the Italian lifestyle and discover the local hotspots and delicacies with your local guide.

The leaning tower: the highlight of the show!

When you swill ee it for the first time, you will find it hard to believe that it is real, and leaning at this point without falling to the ground!

It was recently renovated, and today is immaculately white. Many visitors admire it from the outside, which in itself isn’t bad, but we had taken our places in a row to climb the tower to the top. 

We can tell you that many travelers are proud to climb its steep stairs as you always deviate down the slope! On the other hand, the spectacle at the top is worth the detour, and the dozens of steps climbed! 

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Start your Pisa Walking Tours

Discovering new cities and new places is a great thing to do. But we believe that you only get the full experience of your walking tours if you meet the locals and get to know the people, their culture, and not only the tourist attractions in the guidebooks.

At Riviera Bar Crawls & Tours, we are developing a network of experts and local guides and unique walking tours in Pisa and other cities. 

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