Oxford – history, culture, and fantastic locations

With one of the oldest and most prestigious universities worldwide, Oxford is known as a city of spirit and knowledge. 

Oxford Walking Tour

The everyday life of a student at Oxford is inevitably imagined as that of a Hogwards pupil: ancient walls in which great minds have accumulated knowledge for 800 years and tried to decipher the riddles of the world. Oxford has places of greatness, genius, and madness as well as scenes mysterious fraternities, secret societies, and dark conspiracies.

But the city has much more to offer during the best Oxford walking tours and self-guided walking tour Oxford. From a visit to the Sheldonian Theatre to Oxford University, the Bridge of Sighs, Harry Potter films, the Bodleian Library, the Radcliffe Camera building, and plenty of sightseeing.

Visiting Oxford – JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis birthplace, to only name a few – is like an adventure through famous film locations, following Morse into the famous Oxford’s broad street with a local tour guide.

Oxford Walking Tour

Today, our Oxford local guides tell us why we should visit the city and opt for walking tours of Oxford UK.

  • The Oxford university walking tour: Whether you are a student or a traveler, Oxford is the epitome of intellectual excellence. An academic grail. An almost magical quest. 
  • A free walking tour of Oxford gothic architecture: while other British cities were abused by German bombs and / or architects of the 1960s, Oxford is a time capsule. You have a date with the middle ages in a softer, nicer, and cleaner version. 
  • Gothic + Wonderful = Harry Potter: Inevitably a great addition to your Oxford walking tour map. Oxford was one of the Harry Potter filming locations in the UK. And you will quickly understand why. The rowdy modernity has no right to the city.
  • An official oxford walking tour with extraordinary museums: Oxford, like all cities of knowledge, offers plenty of places to watch art, antiquities, natural history, science, music, anthropology. On their own, they are a reason to visit the city and spend a few days there.
  • Oxford has a unique pastoral setting, gardens, a river, canals, etc. You will understand why the city an hour from London has this magnetic power.
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Tours in Oxford

Take your Oxford city walking tour map and explore Oxford and places such as the majestic Divinity School or an alternative Oxford tour to find out about the best local hotspots and more.

When visiting Oxford, you can hardly go a few steps without a sky-captivating, large, and elegant building to be seen. 

Oxford Walking Tour

But this historic and unique British city has more to offer than just architectural sightseeing. It is a candidate for a city break or the perfect place to study.  

Whatever your reason for visiting Oxford, with our Oxford travel tips, you will be able to discover the entire city.

Insiders’ tip: why not rent a classic flat-bottomed wooden boat from the Magdalen Bridge Boathouse and head south. Along the way, pass Oxford’s Botanical Gardens, Christ Church College Meadows, and meander through Magdalen School Rose Gardens. Sit back, relax, and drift leisurely through Oxford’s waterways.

Start your Oxford Walking Tours

Choosing to visit a new city can be challenging. You need to find your way through the old streets, get used to going around, adjust to the local language, etc.

At Riviera Bar Crawls & Tours, we believe that visiting a new place is better done with a local tour guide. For this reason, we are developing a network of guided tours in Oxford and other cities so you can best enjoy your visit and find out what the city has to offer as a local!

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