Munich – the Bavarian capital

Munich has a lot to offer, from graffiti to opera, from white sausage to fusion cuisine – and not everyone finds the same corners of the city exciting. 

Munich Walking Tour

Today our local tour guides will give you tips and advice to discover the city with different Munich walking tours, free Third Reich walking tour Munich, or a unique free walking tour Munich English, Espanol, French and other languages.

Whether you are traveling with friends, parents, children, or a couple, there is a suitable tour for you. From a private tour to discover Munich’s history on a full day with expert guides to a tour of Munich – the Bavarian capital – to taste Munich’s top beer halls, you have countless options. 

Discover the local Bavarian beer spots on your tour map with your local guide, search for street arts and music venues, you will find what you need in terms of new experiences in Munich.

You can opt for a free walking tour to explore Munich and the Neuschwanstein castle and the best sights in the city. Furthermore you can choose a day trip to the Dachau concentration camp memorial with guided tours about the nazi party in the concentration camp memorial site.

There are a lot of things to see, do, and discover in Munich. From St Peter to the local Biergarten, there is something for you. 

Munich Walking Tour

As we discussed with some of the best local tour guides in Munich, we learned a lot about organizing different free self-guided tours Munich. Choosing the right Munich 3 hour Third Reich history walking tour, or opting for the best Munich night walking tour!

If you are in Munich for the first time, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the hippest district for you. Maybe he doesn’t need exotic cuisine on his plate, just a white sausage for breakfast. 

Then look over the city from Old Peter and take a walk through the English Garden. You will find a lot of cultural elements, idyll and Bavarian tradition in these places. 

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Munich Walking Tour

Suggestions for a sunny day

  • Marienplatz and Town Hall: the neo-Gothic town hall is located in Munich’s heart, on Marienplatz. The famous carillon can also be found there. 
  • The English Garden: it is even larger than Hyde Park in London and Central Park in New York and is incredibly popular in summer. 
  • If a walk through the park is not enough for you, you can stop by the surfers of the Eisbachwelle – river surfing – and the beer garden at the Chinese tower. 
  • The Viktualienmarkt: there is something for everyone at the many different food stalls. Over 22,000 sqm with bakers, butchers, fruit and vegetable dealers, and delicatessen shops, among others, advertise their goods. (
  • The view from Old Peter: there are 300 steps to the old parish church tower, but visitors are rewarded with a fantastic view. 
  • The Olympic Park: created on the occasion of the 1972 Olympic Games. 
  • Kaufingerstraße and Sendlingerstraße: these streets in the center of Munich are ideal for shopping trips.
  • The Isar river: the Reichenbachbrücke is one of the hotspots on the river, and a walk along the Isar is also an option. 
  • Street art at the cultural center Bahnwärter Thiel: it’s not just the various events that attract visitors to the site. Street art, in particular, immediately catches the eye. 

Suggestions for a rainy day

  • The Deutsches Museum: it is one of the largest science and technology museums in the world. There are demonstrations by glassblowers and radio amateurs, as well as exhibitions on timekeeping and shipping. 
  • The Frauenkirche: one of the most famous Munich’s landmarks. The “Cathedral of Our Lady” in Munich’s old town is the Archbishop of Munich and Freising’s seat. 
  • The Hofbräuhaus: here, you can find Bavarian cuisine, waiters in traditional costumes, and of course, the famous beer. Besides, more than 100 regulars meet in the Hofbräuhaus, and the chosen ones even have their beer mug stored in the beer mug safe. 
  • The Nymphenburg Palace: a magnificent Bavarian Palace in the west of Munich that you can combine the visit with a walk through the park.
  • MUCA Museum: The Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art is the first of its kind in Germany. 
  • The Nazi Documentation Center: the museum deals with Munich’s history as the “capital of the movement” under National Socialism on four floors. 
  • The BMW Welt: in the museum, visitors learn everything about the company’s history. 
  • Substance Club: this is where Munich’s first poetry slam took place: indie anthems, comedy nights, football, and much more is on the program.
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Tours in Munich

Choosing to do a walking tour Munich with a local guide is a great way to discover the city and understand the culture and its people.

Here in Munich, not everyone walks around in dirndls or lederhosen all the time. But the Bavarian tradition of the costume is often implemented here with great pleasure. 

Even during the year, you are welcome to stroll through the city in your beautiful traditional costume and are usually not looked at crookedly. 

There are plenty of great costume shops in Munich. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Angermaier costumes, Almliebe, or designer costume fashion at the popular Lodenfrey in the city center. Here you can – if you have a weakness for dirndls and more, or you like to show off chic in a Bavarian outfit for no reason.

There is so much to see and discover in Munich. That’s why we give you a few hotspots that are definitely worth a visit and should be on your checklist in Munich. 

Visit the German Museum near the Isartor, stop by the Pinakotheken 

near Munich’s Königsplatz, take a look at one of the most beautiful churches in Munich – the Asamkirche in Sendlinger Strasse, stroll across St. Jakobsplatz and go to the city museum with a detour to the city ​​café and incredibly cozy places in the inner courtyard for the summer. 

A walk along the Flaucher on the Isar is also worth it. Watch the rafts passing by on the water with their Bavarian brass musicians. There is also a lot of street art to see on the Brudermühlbrücke.

We hope you enjoy discovering some of Munich’s countless sightseeing and hotspots!

Start your Munich Walking Tours

If you are looking for other great locations or looking for great restaurants, you can find them by asking your local guide. 

That is the reason why we, at Riviera Bar Crawls & Tours, we believe in this modern traveling option: walking and guided city tours in European cities such as Munich!

So, if you are traveling through Germany and want to discover Munich with as a local, or if you are a local tour guide … join us at Riviera Bar Crawls & Tours.

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