Krakow – The second largest city in Poland

Krakow is an amazing city, both steeped in history and resolutely turned towards the future. It has some wonderful surprises in store for its visitors. 

If you want to discover an off-the-beaten-path destination, fill up on culture and go out on a budget, Krakow is for you. To help you prepare for your stay, we have prepared a first brief and short travel guide with tips and advice from local guides for visiting Krakow. 

Krakow Walking Tour

Krakow Walking Tour

Today the city has a population of approximately 760,000, and approximately 8 million people live within 100 km of its famous main market.


Krakow is a beautiful and historic city to visit and one of the leading European city breaks. To best discover and get in touch with the locals, their culture, their food … and see the best touristic sites, use a local guide for a Krakow walking tour!


Krakow has a lot to offer. You can choose a free walking tour Krakow Poland, a Krakow Jewish walking tour, or you can discover the artistic side of the visits or discover the local food scene. You will always find a great local guide to take you around the fantastic city of Krakow.

 Tours in Krakow

Krakow Walking Tour

Visiting and discovering Krakow is best done on foot. During a walking tour Krakow with a local guide, you can easily get to feel the town’s real vibe, meet local people throughout the sights, ask questions about the culture, the food …


  • The big square of “Rynek Glowny” 

Located in the old town, it is a must-see because it is very large and the monuments all around such as the basilica, the magnificent market, and the belfry. 


  • The old Town

There is the old town around the main square with its pretty buildings, small roads, and ramparts. It is very cute and pleasant to walk there in the morning before the crowds’ hustle and bustle.


  • The Jewish quarter of Kazimierz

It is was a young ad dynamic area with lots of bars. This old Jewish quarter has become very trendy with lots of bars, shops, cafes, art galleries. There are places with food trucks, there is plenty of street art, and the streets are very lively. 

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  • The Wawel Castle

On a hill below the old town are Wawel Castle and its incredible dragon. The Wawel site is made up of a castle, an incredible cathedral with a mixture of Gothic – Renaissance – Roman, and other buildings. 


  • The green promenade of Planty 

It is a green belt along with the old town with a calm atmosphere. Formerly, there were the ramparts, and it protected the city. Now you can stroll and cycle there.


  • Lake Zakrzowek: the blue jewel of Krakow

It is said to be one of the most beautiful diving places in Poland. Besides, we are at a height, and we can have a very nice view of Krakow. The shores of the lake are one of the favorite places for locals in Krakow.


  • Krakus

Be like the locals, and admire the sunset on Mount Krakus. The view is magnificent over the city. The story says that under this mound lies the burial place of the legendary founder of Krakow.


  • The Schindler factory

The factory happens to house the WWII museum and traces Poland’s history and the city during the war. The museum is very interactive and extremely well done. You can easily move to tears as you will pass through the different rooms of the museum. 


Krakow is said to have more cafes, restaurants, and bars per square meter than any other city in the world. True or not, even the most determined visitor will need at least two things: time and a huge appetite.

Eating and drinking in Krakow. Only a private walking tour Krakow can get you to find the right food spots, best restaurants, pubs, and cafes!

Start your Krakow Walking Tours

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With a continually growing network of local guides with excellent knowledge of the town inside out, it is time to discover Krakow as a regional finally and look at the Polish city’s rich history.


Let yourself be guided around the Old Town streets, the museums and tourist sites, as well as through the local eateries and restaurants that you can enjoy during your stay.

A local guide for a walking tour is always the best way to fully immerse yourself in a new city without losing time finding the best places or struggling with finding your way in a new town.

It is the way we love discovering a new city at Riviera Bar Crawls & Tours.

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