Running a successful business from scratch requires a unique skill set, expertise and drive. Very few people have these, but a lot have the desire to own and operate a successful business. That is why buying a franchise is a great alternative to opening a business from the ground up. It allows a franchisee to buy into the franchisor’s experience and organization, making launching, operating and growing a business with less risk and expertise.


Here’s the guidelines on How to start a Tour Company and the franchise system a complete Business System


How to Start Your a Company in 3 Steps

Like any business, starting a tour company requires careful planning and a lot of hard work. There are a lot of elements that need to come together to have a successful tour company. You can however start building a tour company as a small business then grow it with more tour packages in more locations in the long term. The most important thing is to get started.


Let’s get into the bare minimum 3-steps towards starting a tour business and taking part of the popular and continuously growing travel and tourism industry.


Choose Your Niche and Design Your Tours

To be recommended by word of mouth is the best that a tour company can achieve. This kind of reputation comes from a tour that is not only well-organized but also full of stories and interesting trivia about the location. Tours like these are organized by people who are passionate about a local’s sights, history and culture. For themed tours, it is more difficult to organize something that does not invoke your passion. Therefore, the first step becoming a tour operator is choosing your niche. If you like going on hikes, why not open a hike-themed tour? A wine tour is a good idea for someone who loves wines. For walking or city tours, a keen interest in the history, architecture and iconic buildings and places of the location would help in designing a hit tour.

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In designing your tour, research your city or location. Know what it is known for from the perspective of first-time visitors. Ask friends and family for ideas on what appeals to them. Consult industry insiders like tour guides and travel agents for insights as they deal with tourists, your potential clientele. Observe trends in the travel industry and seek out data from your local tourism board as they can provide  great ideas on the organization of your tours. Identify your target market from these inputs. Getting to know your ideal clients will dictate a lot of how you are going to organize, market and sell your tours.


Do not forget to research your competitors. Find out about their best tours, what they are doing right and what are the gaps in the organization of their tours. Offer a unique selling proposition based on your findings. The pricing of your tour will also depend largely on the value you are offering. You can also write a business plan where designing the tours you will be offering is an essential part.

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Make it Official – Legal, HR, Admin and Finance Requirements

Now that you have designed your tours and perhaps have a business plan; you are ready to make it official. First step towards this is naming your tours. Go for a name that is easy to recall and pronounce. You can use the city/location in the name. This makes it easier to search online. Tour companies with online presence are easy to find. Register your tour company to make it a legal entity. You can decide on the legal structure based on the laws where you will be registering. In a lot of cases, certain tours will require a special license or permits. Tour guides will often need a license to operate. Make sure you research and know the legal requirements of the tours you’re offering. This includes provision of appropriate insurance for both the business and your clients. Decide on how you are going to fulfill your staff requirements.


Consider how many full-time employees you need to keep on staff keeping in mind that you must provide for their salaries and government required benefits. Other viable options to consider are hiring freelancers and students either on part-time basis or through internships. On financial requirements, a tour company will require initial capital. Make sure you conduct a costing analysis and do it accurately as this will dictate your ticket prices.

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Market, Promote and Sell

Crucial first step is to build an online presence. Create your logo and craft your brand story. Ensure that you have social media presence. You can then build your website. Build a strong, engaging and relevant content, both on your website and social media. Remember that potential customers buy into your brand story, so ensure your messaging is consistent and engages them to book your tours. You can integrate your online booking platform into the website as well as link your tours from other third-party websites/providers or online booking platforms like, etc. Majority of people buying your tours will be coming from online booking. Ensure your website and online content are ranked high during online searches.


Find Partners :

Partner with affiliated services like hostels, online travel platforms/agencies, tour bus companies, pub crawls, travel agencies and other related services. Build relationships with them and go for long-term partnerships. You can also get into cross promotions with these agencies offering bundled prices for both your products.


Use an email marketing campaign platform to reach out to target customers. The same email campaign platform can be used to reach out to clients once your tour company has started. Use social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. regularly to build-up organic following and keep your customers engaged through regular posts, blogs, live feeds and stories.

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Why buy A Franchise ? A Complete Business System

When you buy a franchise you also buy into the franchise organization’s complete business system for launching, operating and growing the business. Franchisers provide comprehensive operations manuals and training programs for franchise owners. Manuals covering marketing, operations, accounting and other items that are needed to make the business model work. These allow franchisese to “skip the line” and spend less time and effort than opening a similar business from scratch.


Franchising Offers a Higher Success Rate

Since a franchise is already an established, proven brand and business, the chances to succeed is better. The franchise offers a formula that has proven to be successful. The potential for earning is therefore higher. The franchise owner does not have to reinvent the wheel and can rely on the experience of the franchise and those in the franchise’s network. A franchisee can collaboratively benefit from the support of the franchiser’s organization through group advertising, recognized brand/trademark, standard operating procedures, employee training, accounting and finance.

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A Franchise Offers More Freedom

Whether you are thinking of quitting full-time employment in favour of starting your own business or outright planning to run your own business; buying a franchise is one great alternative to have more freedom. A franchise offers flexibility to be your own boss, running the day to day operations of a business without having to go through the challenges of starting a business from the ground up. Franchises have succeeded in bring in income if managed well. Money is a way to gain more freedom and a franchise is a great way to earn well with minimal risk. Buying into a franchise offers the status of owning a successful business, backed by a brand and organization that has already experienced success as well a network of franchises in different locations.


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