What is a Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl can most easily be described as the ultimate bar hopping experience. With a group of fun-loving tourists and locals, a dedicated bar crawl team will lead the group to some of the best bars and club in the city. Throughout the night, guests enjoy drink discounts, fun games, and an unforgettable experience.


How to set up a Pub Crawl?

Planning the Route

how to set up a pub crawl

In most large cities, there’s certainly never a shortage of bars and clubs. However, with that being said, no one wants to be walking for 20 minutes between each venue. Its important that when planning the route of your pub crawl, you need to map it out efficiently.


As already mentioned, you of course don’t want your bars being too far away from each other. What’s more, you should always be conscious about whether you’ll take your tour through the main streets or through quieter alleys. Keep in mind, the groups safety is always your top priority. And walking along a busy main street but over 50 intoxicated individuals can be dangerous.


Choosing good Bars

When choosing your bars, there’s several things you should take into account. For starters, you of course want the bar to have a good atmosphere. Somewhere that plays good music and attracts a lively crowd of people. You’ll also want somewhere that will be able to accommodate big groups. There’s nothing worse than having to wait for 20 minutes in line for a beer!


Something else to maybe consider would be coordinating your last stop somewhere near a public transportation hub or somewhere pretty central to the city centre. After all, you do want your guests and bar crawl staff getting home safe.


Make it unique – Games and Themes

Its important to make your Pub Crawl stand out from other competitors. You want to offer something unique and memorable that will set you apart from other companies. And what’s more, the more well executed and unforgettable your Bar Crawl, the more likely you are to get positive reviews from clients. Something which will have a positive knock-on effect, bringing you even more business in the future.

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One way to try and spice up the night is with some fun drinking games. Not only will it be a good laugh, games also encourage people to socialise and interact more with one another. It’s the perfect way to break the ice between your tour group. And the more comfortable the group feels with each other, the more likely everyone is to have a good time.


The great thing about drinking games is that there are plenty of options that don’t require big preparations. For example, if you were to play Beer Pong or Flip Cup, its only a case of having some plastic cups ready to go (which the bar is more than likely to provide you with). Or maybe you might consider having a game of Limbo with the group. In which case any makeshift Limbo stick will do the job and then its just a case of seeing how you can go! And if you really want something simple, then French Paquito couldn’t be an easier option. You don’t even need any objects, just some willing participants.

how to set up a pub crawl

Another great way to attract clients is by hosting regular themed nights. You should consider making an extra effort when it comes to popular Holidays. For example, offer special drink deals for people who wear costumes for Halloween. Or encourage everyone to wear something green for Saint Patrick’s Day. Maybe even host a Traffic Light Part for Valentine’s Day. The little attention to detail can really make all the difference!


But you don’t have to limit your themed night to just national holidays. Throughout the year its always fun to organise some other themed events here and there. For example, why not arrange an Erasmus Bar Crawl specially for international students to get to mingle meet one another. Or perhaps you might consider an 80’s themed night. Its always fun to shake things up every now and then.


How to promote your Pub Crawl

Promoting your Pub Crawl efficiently is essential when you’re first starting off. Its no easy feat to establish yourself right off the bat. Especially when you have competition to worry about. So ads and social media marketing will have to be your top priority.

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Facebook in particular is a great platform to use for advertising your events. Create your page and be sure to click that share button. If possible, join some public Facebook Groups (eg: Erasmus, Expats, etc) and post about your event there too. The more people it reaches the better! Also, be sure the configure a ‘Buy Tickets’ button to your page to make it easier for people to purchase tickets,


Instagram is also a great form of social media to consider using. Post great photos and videos from your pub crawls and be sure to use plenty of tags and hashtags. Make people want to experience it first-hand themselves.

how to set up a pub crawl

Be aware of the Rules

As I’m sure you already know, every country has its own set of rules when it comes to alcohol and public behaviour. You need to be well informed of these rules and also make sure that members of your bar crawl follow them. Any trouble caused by your clients will affect you just as much as it will affect them.


Drinking in Streets

Drinking in public is just as legal in many countries as it is illegal. So its something to make sure you check up on before you allow your tour group to bring their drinks out onto the streets with them. For example, drinking in public is perfectly legal in the likes of France, Denmark, Spain and Germany. However, it’s considered illegal in countries such as Norway, Poland and Lithuania.


Drinking Age

Another thing to be aware of in different countries is the drinking age. For the most part, the drinking age is 18 is most countries. However, some cities legalise drinking at 16, and others at 21.


Dress codes

Particularly when it comes to clubs, dress code can be quite strict depending on where you are. For some, this could mean no mini skirts or bralettes. For others, it could mean no ripped baggy jeans. Always something to be conscious of for certain situations.


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