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You have heard about it, maybe from colleagues, on TV or in magazines, the “team building” has been in fashion in the world of work for several years now. But what is team building? What’s the point? Who is it for, and how is it going?

In any structure that includes a large number of people, it is sometimes necessary and even vital to do activities with colleagues outside the professional framework. It is a way to break the routine, to create teams teams, and to get to know each other better on a personal level … because after all, we spend a lot of time with them!.

It is where team building comes in. Team building is a fun activity, sporting, cultural, intended for employees of a company, carried out collectively by the entire group whose purpose is to strengthen and link the people around the project of the company. We will see in this article what it consists of and will give you some team building ideas to develop more team bonding and share common goals.

What is the purpose of team building?

Team building answers a fundamental question for any business project: how to create a group, motivate teams, and gather a strong team and its members around a mission, a common goal, and this in the long term?

The team building, thanks to a set of fun, sporting, or creative activities, will reinforce the cohesion between the members of the company.

The goal? Foster team spirit, build relationships, improve communication, and the atmosphere at work. It tends to the knowledge of the other and solidarity between people. At the same time, it helps to quickly integrate a new member into the “circle” of the company.

However, team building activities are not purely recreational. At the end of each workshop, team building activity, or at the end of each challenge, there is the search for mutual help and the consideration of others. It is an excellent way to understand each team member in their qualities and their weaknesses, simply the cohesion of the group. This is why most activities must be done in groups. By participating in team-building, members get to know each other, and a team that knows each other is more efficient and more fun to work with!

Why team building on the French Riviera?

  • A glamorous warm location is good for the morale of your colleagues
  • Nothing like a tasty Provencal dish to reinforce the cohesion of the team
  • A lot of opportunities to do activities and challenges together with your team

Nice, Cannes, Antibes, and some of the best towns on the French Riviera and the Cote d’Azur are a must in the region! With excellent local cuisine and the Mediterranean sea, cities such as Monaco, Villefranche sur Mer, Nice, or Cannes attract many tourists. But local businesses are not left out!

Move away from your meeting rooms and federate team cohesion with a team building activity.

Organize a seminar, nothing better to strengthen the team spirit, with a treasure hunt, murder party in a manor, golf, watersports, or gastronomic activities and food tours in the city. A time other than work meetings to separate work and relaxation, to boost group cohesion and reward your team with sports activities.

By selecting the best team building organizers and project managers, you will be able to privatize a caterer to organize a creative cocktail. You can set up the right activities, original and unique ones that will show the care you mean to your staff and team members, and even get your whole accommodation and transportation covered.

On the French Riviera, you will find an extensive range of activities specially designed for teambuilding. From small teams to incentive challenges or business seminars, it is an ideal area to create a real team bonding and share common goals. With the right team building activities, you can develop problem-solving, find the right action that motives teams. Team building exercises are recognized to create a strong team. Improving your team is bringing up team leaders; the right team building will build trust as well as enhance communication and team performance. And thanks to team building activities, you can give your teams a great time!

So, to organize a corporate event, trust only the best team building organizers and event companies and discover our selection of the best activities near Nice, Cannes, and Antibes.

Some ideas of team building activities

Team building is usually proposed on the initiative of the Human Resources Department, the business manager, the team leader, or even the director. It can perfectly fit into a seminar weekend and is perfect for setting the mood, bringing people together, and creating good memories.

The concept of the challenge is fundamental in the team building, the goal being that everyone gives the best of oneself but in a positive and relaxed spirit.

Here are some modern team building ideas:

  • Treasure Hunt: The team is divided into a small group, each with a map that leads to a treasure. With clues hidden, riddles to solve, the first who finds the treasure wins the game!
  • Creation of a short film: around an improvised scenario, the participants will have to play the comedy to interpret a role in a mini-movie.
  • Canoe-kayak or stand up paddle race on water, where participants must work in a team while still enjoying some fun and unique activities.
  • Paintball or Laser game with two groups equipped with laser pistols clash on a battlefield full of hiding places.
  • Culinary workshop and cooking lessons, through a chef, allows you to discover flavors worthy of the best tables.
  • Food tours and wine tasting visits to new cities and regions are great for building excitement.
  • Olympiads are a sporting challenge par excellence; the Olympiad is a classic of team building activities.
  • There are so many opportunities to create an excellent team-building in Nice and on the Cote d’Azur, that the options and choices are endless.
  • Walking tours. Discover a City by foot

Team building contributes to the collective good mood. And the better the person is, the more people in the same group will be motivated to achieve a common goal. In France, there are many companies that specialise in team building. It’s a great way to solder your team members!

What you need for successful team building

In our turbulent, knowledge-based economy, where the war of talent is raging, relying on high-performance, tight-knit teams is the competitive advantage of modern times.

Management is not about investing in two or three stars. We always tend to cherish the “champion” of this or that project and the team leaders, but those who “really” ensure the continuity of operations daily: ALL members of the team.

So, to motivate all their troops, and with the good days that come, the managers let germinate ideas of team building for the summer. After all, to make a well-deserved team retreat before the holidays is indeed an attractive option. Team building is meant to “pull out” employees and foster creativity, team cohesion. But how to make sure that the event is a success?

We are giving you some questions to ask yourself before organizing your team building, an experience that pleases the participants and get the expected results for the company.

  1. Is your team building project well framed?

I recommend always to use an external company to organize your team building events. Check with some recognized local events and tour organizers for your team building days. Every project must start with a reason to be well defined:

  • Why do you want to organize a team building?
  • Is this the best option from the point of results/investment?
  • What SMART goal are you pursuing?
  • What measurable indicators of success will you be able to tell if the initiative was a success or a failure?
  • Make sure your top management knows the answers to these questions and supports your teambuilding initiative.

With your management, secure a budget dedicated to the initiative. Between logistical costs, rental, catering, and expenses related to the group activities themselves, you need to anticipate an envelope. You must do the accounts and determine in € the resources that you can / want to put in your team building.

Of course, you will also have to think about the nature of the activities you want to do during team building:

  • Do you need sports facilities?
  • Organize conferences?
  • Book a particular place?
  • Provide speakers or specific suppliers?
  1. Internalize or outsource the organization of the team building?

It may seem trivial, but the fact remains that if you want to materialize your ideas, it will be necessary for someone to organize the event. One of the questions we can ask ourselves: should we do it internally or subcontract to a specialist team building agency?

Instinctively, we want to delegate to an employee internally. But event organization is a real job and can become time-consuming. It is not uncommon for the person in charge of organizing the team building team to spend a total of several weeks preparing for the event. In contrast, he or she could have done something else instead of answering questions: customers support, help create better products, optimize work processes for more productivity, etc.

It is why the question of outsourcing must arise!

You would be surprised to list all the benefits of getting off work from a partner, sometimes much cheaper than doing it internally.