Pub Crawls in Chicago


The American Midwest is known for its friendly people, slower lifestyle, and extreme weather. There is one Midwestern city that is a favorite with locals and foreigners: Chicago, also known as the Windy City.


But after spending the day visiting museums and parks, what are the best things to do in Chicago at night? Here’s a diverse list of bars and activities to try in Windy City once the sun goes down.


Join our Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours local guides for the best pub crawl in Chicago; drink specials, have fun, and meet new people in the best bars and clubs in town.


Chicago Pub Crawl- What to do in Chicago at night?

Bar Crawl Chicago

Undisputed center of many American musical genres, Chicago vibrates with notes that escape from everywhere in the city … Blues and Jazz of course, but not only! Chicago is also the birthplace of House music and many good underground sounds.


Nightlife in Chicago – Where to party in Chicago? 

To each audience its evening, follow our Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours local guides:


  • The Green Mill Jazz: Wearing a hat, dressed in a three-piece suit or a retro dress, it doesn’t matter, The Green Mill Jazz takes you back in time … The jazz tunes that escape from it help to create this exceptional, almost outlawed atmosphere.


  • The Blues: You can’t miss it: However, it is not from its blue walls that the bar takes its name, but from this music from the South of the United States. The Blues offers you an intimate atmosphere, with its few tables and chairs, its affordable beers, and its small stage welcoming Blues artists every day.


  • To dance until dawn at the Smart Bar: After a hard week at work, need to let off steam? The Smart Bar is the perfect place to party the night away, dancing, waving, and nodding. No dress code; the only watchword is to let loose on the track to the sound of the decks of the best DJs in the area. Renowned for its underground atmosphere, the Smart Bar welcomes a clientele from various horizons who appreciate techno as rave, funk, hip-hop, and r’n’b…


  • The Sound Bar: Wherever you are in the 1900 square meters of the club, you will be able to feel the pulsing bass, the vibrations of the music, the beats of measure (and of your heart). The Sound-Bar, as its name suggests, puts the sound experience at the forefront. Meet on the main level for techno fans and the lower level for commercial music and good Hip Hop.


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