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Ready to strut your stuff on the red carpet? Well Cannes is the place to do it! Follow our local and knowledgeable guides through this charming city, where you’ll learn that Cannes has much more to offer than what you’d expect. Not just for the movie buffs, Cannes is also home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches. Not to mention its unique architecture and historical foundations. A great experience for all ages, our Cannes city tour can guarantee a fun and exciting day out for the whole family!

What will we do?

Beginning at 11 a.m. in front of the Cannes Railway Station, listen closely as your guide recounts life in Cannes before all the glitz and the glam. Looking around, you wouldn’t believe that the city was once no more than a feeble fishing village. In fact, all the way up until the 19th century, Cannes didn’t even really exist! There was only the tiny fishing commune of Le Suquet. Hard to believe when you think of Cannes today right?

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From the station, you’ll be taken down the Rue Meynadier, one of the Old Town’s main shopping streets. Here you’ll notice a wonderful buzzing hive of activity, curtesy of the Marché Forville. Feast your eyes on the biggest market in all of Cannes. Between the selection of fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, flowers, herbs, and other local specialties, you’re practically spoiled for choice!


The Old Town

Next, take in the ambiance and architectural elegance of the Suquet quarter. As the name ‘Le Suquet’ suggest, this area of Cannes is at the highest point of the city. It is also Cannes’ oldest area, with the roads having been constructed over 400 years ago.  At the peak of Le Suquet, you’ll find yourself looking at more that just the fantastic view of the city. Revel in the sight of the Notre Dame de l’Espérance, the most important church in Cannes. The mixture of Gothic and Renaissance styles makes this place of religious worship one of a kind. Most of our visitors find themselves awestruck by its peaceful interior and dazzling Madonna which sits on the high alter.

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Just up from the church, you’ll make your way to Cannes’ medieval castle, Place de la Castre. Today, the castle now doubles as a magnificent museum. Surrounded by a Mediterranean garden, the castle is home to a superb collection of Mediterranean antiquities, pre-Columbian primitive art, and 19th-century Provencal landscape paintings. You can even climb to the top of the castle and take in the breath taking 360-degree panorama view of Cannes and its surroundings. Be warned though, there’s 109 stairs to climb!


Lérins Islands

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Coming down the castle hill, you’ll perhaps notice two small islands. Well, those just so happen to be the well-known islands of St. Honorat and St. Margeurite. The island of St. Honorat is exclusively inhabited by monks, who have been there since 410 AD. If you’re interested however, it is actually possible to explore the island. Just a 15-minute boat ride away, visit the 11th century Abbaye De Lérins monastery and even join the monks in their prayer services. The larger island of St. Margeurite on the other hand is most famously know for the tale of the ‘Man in the Iron Mask’. Be prepared for your guide to tell you the mysterious tale of the unknown figure who’s ghost supposedly haunts the tower of the Fort Royal prison.


Cannes Film Festival

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And what would a Cannes city tour be without taking a look at the famous Cannes Film Festival. Discover the interesting history behind the festival, and how it even came to be in the first place. Allow our guides to inform you all about the famous names who’ve walked along these streets, just as you are now. Have a look at the Allée des Étoiles du Cinéma, a collection of 46 celebrity hand imprints in the pavement. Perhaps you’ll be able to find the hand of your favourite entertainer!


La Croisette

To finish off your Cannes city tour, take a leisurely stroll down La Croisette. Many people believe La Croisette to be one of the most beautiful city promenades in the world. Approximately 1.6km long, here is where you can find Cannes’ most expensive boutiques and luxury hotels. Not interested in the expensive side of things? Well don’t you worry, the view alone is probably the best part of the promenade!

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As the walking tours are available to the general public, we hope that you understand that tour groups may be quiet large during peak season, but we in the French Riviera Bar Crawls & Tours company always aim to give the best possible service to our customers. However, if you would prefer to explore Cannes in a smaller group, the Cannes city tour is available as a private tour also upon request.

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