Where to find the best ice-cream in Nice?

The summer is in full swing here in Nice. And what better way to combat our radiant sunshine that with a cold serving of delicious ice-cream. The perfect sweet treat for a hot summer’s day! But where to find the top parlours with the best quality and flavours? Well that’s where we step in!


Nice Old Town

Nice’s Old Town is the ‘go to’ spot for every foodie’s needs. Whether you’re searching for local delicacies or a 3-course meal, Vieille Nice has it all. And that includes even its selection of ice-cream parlours.

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In particular, if its ice-cream you’re searching for then you can’t possibly by-pass Azzuro! Open since 1997, this family owned parlour has been bringing smiles to people’s faces for generations. With one of the largest selections of flavours in all of Nice, you’ll be spoiled for choice! From the classics such as vanilla, mint and strawberry to more whimsical tastes such as Lavender, Rose Water and Toblerone, the possibilities are endless.


What’s more, Azzuro is known not only for its high-quality Italian ice-cream, but also for its affordable prices! Which is certainly not a combination you find often here in the South of France. So look forward to enjoying some delicious treats without having to break the piggybank.


Nice Liberation

A little further out of the city centre is where you’ll find our next district of Liberation. Usually not buzzing with as much activity as Nice’s Old Town, however, Liberation is still worth a visit for anyone looking for a delightful scoop of ice-cream.

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Source Arlequin Gelati


Of the several ice-cream parlours within the area, there’s only one that’s worth mentioning, and that’s Arlequin Gelati. Using only the most top-quality organic products, Arlequin Gelati ice-cream tastes like a little drop of heaven in your mouth.


Discover Nice

With your ice-cream ready to go, now its time to start exploring the best that the city has to offer. And what better way to do that than with a Guided Nice Walking Tour?! Allow our knowledgeable and local guides to take you on an adventure through the city’s ancient streets, uncovering tales from long ago.

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Or even better still, save yourself until the tours half-way point, as your guide will actually bring you straight to Azzuro’s doorstep to grab one of their delicious ice-creams for yourself! Consider it a little extra motivation before climbing to the top of our famous Castle Hill.



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