Bern – The Hidden Gem of Switzerland

Hidden within the heart of Switzerland, you have the enchanting city of Bern. The landscape of the Bern region truly is something remarkable. The inner city is entirely surrounded by the Aare River, while the countryside was formed by glaciers during the most recent Ice Age. So as you can imagine, the city makes for quite the sight! Nothing but green trees and deep blue rivers as far as the eye can see.


Bern is Switzerland’s fifth-most populous city. However, despite its relatively small size, the city has a number of unmissable attractions and monuments. In fact, Bern has been recognized by UNESCO as a Cultural World Heritage Site and is home to 114 Swiss National Heritage Landmarks.


The entirety of Bern’s Old Town is considered one such of these UNESCO sites. Walking through it cobblestone streets and taking in the Gothic-Medieval architecture will make you feel like you’ve been transported through time. Within the boundaries of the Old Town, are some of Bern’s most iconic monuments. The Bern Minster Cathedral for instance is the tallest in all of Switzerland. While the famous Zytglogge (a mechanical clocktower with moving puppets) attracts a number of tourists.

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Elsewhere in the city, there’s a number of features such as the apartment at Kramgasse 49 where Albert Einstein lived. Or even the eleven 16th century allegorical statues found spread out through the city on public fountains. It’s the small features like this which give Bern most of its classical charm.


Bern Walking Tour

There truly is no better way to discover a city than with a Guided Bern Walking Tour. Of course, exploring a city at your own pace is always a great option. But you miss out on some of those hidden gems tucked away in the city’s secret corners. So how better to uncover the city’s secrets than with a local and knowledgeable guide?! Someone who knows the city like the back of their hand. Also, someone who can give you all the best tips and recommendations for making the most out of your stay! It’s one thing to visit the wonderful attractions a city has to offer. And it’s another thing to understand the fascinating tales and history behind them. And believe me, this city has plenty of fascinating stories to share.

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But a Bern Walking Tour isn’t the only way to discover this breathtaking city. Explore Bern in a new light (literally) with a Bern Bar Crawl. Experience the city’s wild night scene and visit some of the best venues in town. Not only will you enjoy a fun and unforgettable night, but you’ll also even get to enjoy great benefits. From free shots to drink discounts and even free entry into the club, having a great night for an inexpensive price has never been easier!


Tours in Bern

The possibility of tours in Bern is endless. From Walking Tours that will explore the city’s ancient historical roots to Evening Tours that may delve more into the city’s unique sculptures littered throughout. Or take the tour on wheels by operating Bike or Segway tours upon request. And if you really want to spice up the options, then a Bern Food Tour would be a great hit! Not only is it a unique way to explore the city, but participants also get to enjoy samplings of delicious local cuisine.


And of course, most importantly as with any tour is to offer Private Bookings. Providing tourists with customizable private tour packages encourages groups to book, wanting to avoid the swarms of other tourists. And this is in regards to all tours and activities, even pub crawls for those looking to celebrate special occasions.


Start your Bern Walking Tours

At Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours, we have years of experience in providing our visitors with some of the best and most memorable experiences of their lives. While primarily stationed in France, we hope to branch out into as many European cities as possible! With all of the success we’ve experienced and the great feedback we’ve gotten from our clients, we want to share this with even more of the world’s travelers. In regards to both Guided Walking Tours and Pub Crawls.


But who better to run Bern Tours & Activities than someone who knows the very best of what the city and its culture have to offer! Think that might relate to you? Well get in contact with us and send us your Application Form! We’re always looking for Franchising partners to help us make our dream a reality. Not only will you enjoy the liberty of working as your own boss, but you’ll also get to experience some of the unforgettable experiences for yourself! Along with the satisfaction of knowing you’ve been able to share your culture with more of the world.

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