Discover the Asian majestic beast and finally get the opportunity to discover Beijing’s nightlife. After you have tasted the supple seed of Beijing, we know that you will look at the town, its spirit, and culture the local way and have a different understanding of the magnificent city and its people.


Beijing Pub Crawl– What to do in Beijing at night?

Beijing Pub Crawl

Sanlitun Village turns into a paradise combining shopping and nighttime entertainment, where young people get together and hold activities. Lots of well-known brands covering casual and sporty clothing and electronics can be found in this trendy village.


The bar street in Sanlitun is a popular place that you should not miss. If you want to stay in a bar and chat with your friends, going to the bar street in Sanlitun is an excellent choice.


The Wudaoku area is a paradise for students. Most of the universities are here, and so are most of the international students. The “Propaganda” is a popular underground disco located to the right of the Wudaoku tram station. 

Walk south along the railway line, and you will find it on the right. If you prefer cheap drinks and a friendly atmosphere, you should try the “Bla Bla Bar” (also known as the “Bra Bra Bar” among students), which is located on the campus of the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU).


The Houhai area also offers excellent bars such as the Buddha Bar 1, 2, and 3 and much more. The location is perfect in the evenings, with its red lanterns and floating candles on the sea.


On the western side of Chaoyang Park, there is a new bar area with western restaurants and bars and Western prices. 


Nightlife in Beijing – Where to party in Beijing? 

Even if Beijing is less lively or rather exuberant than its Chinese counterparts in Hong Kong and Shanghai, it still offers more relaxed places for a dinner or a drink in the evening (The nightlife is booming). 

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Nightclubs are also opening in neighborhoods once deemed to be quiet. Here is a quick guide to the best places to go out at night in Beijing. Be careful, things go quickly in China and the trendy addresses for one day are not those for the next day … It’s up to you to get an idea with the best local pub crawl guides in Beijing with Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours.


Sanlitun: The best-known district for going out in Beijing

Bars lined up in all the streets … A somewhat sulfurous reputation (drugs, prostitution, and fighting), but things are better because of the Olympic Games. 

The local atmosphere and party-goers should not be disappointed as there is something for all tastes.

For bars can be the Kai, the Butterfly, the Ouigour, and the Kokomo, for the boxes, the China Doll and the Mingle, or even Destination (gay friendly). 


Houhai : Next to Shisha Lake 

It is a very nice place for a drink at night (and even during the day). The bars and restaurants are all lined up along the main promenade (and adjacent streets). Among them: La Baie des Anges (French wine bar), Drum & Bell, Le Pass by Bar, No Name (a bar du Yunnan) …


Wudaokou: A busy student district! 

It is a “cheap” area where bars and clubs are numerous and inexpensive but a bit lousy. Excellent for meeting people when you are a student with a limited exit budget.


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