Pub Crawls in Indianapolis


The city of Indianapolis is located in the state of Indiana in the American Midwest, and its favorable location characterizes it.


Many major cities in the USA are within easy reach, making its nightlife fun and exciting part of its experience!

Spectacular motorsport events, numerous museums, and a lively nightlife make Indianapolis a varied travel destination.


Today, Riviera Bar Crawls & Tours local guides and party experts are taking you to discover the city of Indianapolis during the best pub crawl Indianapolis.


Indianapolis Pub Crawl- What to do in Indianapolis at night?


After a good day of sightseeing, relax over a cold beer in one of the many local craft breweries.


The evening has only just begun. Catch a blues concert at the establishment John Dillinger used to frequent or rub shoulders with Hollywood actors and professional athletes at the 1933 Lounge, above the legendary St. Elmo Steakhouse.


Indianapolis and the car racing: Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Indy 500

All the Midwest crowds in the stands of “Motor Speedway” to find out who, of all the American and international racers on the track, will win at the end of this iconic 500-mile race.


More than the race itself, it’s the folklore that we come to appreciate at the Indy 500: the thousands of caravans that set up around the circuit, the overflight by military planes, the “Star-Banner” which resonates, the “tailgating” (drinking or eating in the back of a vehicle) or even the young revelers who come to let loose in the “Snakepit,” an electro surrealist music festival held in the center of the circuit during the race…

The music is so loud, and the circuit extended (and the participants drunk) that festival-goers barely hear the sound of cars speeding over 380 km / h around them.


Nightlife in Indianapolis – Where to party in Indianapolis? 

bar crawl indianapolis

Our Riviera Bar Crawls and Tours local guides are giving you the best tips to enjoy Indianapolis at night fully:

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Have some beers and a shrimp cocktail in St Elmo: This is THE go-to restaurant in Indianapolis.

  • Downtown’s steakhouse, St Elmo, is one of the city’s oldest restaurants.


  • After the feast, head west for a quick digestive walk along White River State Park’s canals and the many bars and pubs.


  • Bowling at Fountain Square: “Indy” isn’t the farming town it used to be. In recent years, a young and hipster population searching for cheap rents has settled in the city. A good number of them are found in the district of Fountain Square, south of Downtown.


Our recommendation for an excellent start to the day:


  • Bluebeard is a great place to mingle and start your evening in Indianapolis.


  • Fountain Square Theater Building is a surprising theater from the second half of the 19th century. Drop by on a Friday, and you’ll have a good chance of meeting dozens of swing enthusiasts in colorful clothes practicing their dance steps in the main hall. The building also houses a vintage bowling alley, a games room (with billiards and darts in particular), and even a hotel—the icing on the cake: a rooftop.


  • Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery: The bar has all kinds of fresh drink ingredients. A raw eggs for frothing, ball glasses with fresh herbs, fresh citrus for something else. The ambiance is excellent, and the guests are all fun and friendly.


  • Howl at the Moon Indianapolis us a great bar with a great house band and a high-energy night club.


  • Beer Brewery & Tap Room is an excellent brewery bar.


  • The Vogue is. Perfect venue: good sound, lots of space, and easy bar access with helpful, efficient staff.


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