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Finding the best and most worthwhile bars in Paris can be quite difficult. One way to easily filter out the time wasters and enjoy an unforgettable night is of course with a Paris Pub Crawl. Along with your local guides, you’ll only visit the very best that Paris has to offer! But if you’re looking to discover all the best neighbourhoods to party, then we have you covered in that respect too!

To enjoy the coolest nights out and find some of the best bars in Paris and see a maximum of concerts without worrying about finding places open till down, here are some of the best neighborhoods to know in Paris.

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The Canal St Martin – 10th arrondissement

Where you can sit at the edge of the water, but also go for a walk at the Comptoir Général. A great place, nice, nice and well placed where you can listen to many nice things while sipping the good little cocktail of your choice.

The Butte-aux-Cailles – 13th arrondissement

You will not find the most beautiful buildings, but the area has an excellent reputation in terms of parties at the Butte-aux-Cailles. A neighbourhood with a village vibe, where you can listen to good music on pretty little places.

The rue des Thermopyles – 14th arrondissement

Located at the metro Pernety, this pretty street is what is called a small nugget in Paris. Tiny, paved, colorful, it comes alive on every occasion and especially for the festival of music. Note that it deserves to be visited at any time of the year!


The town hall of the 3rd arrondissement

In addition to the fact that the neighborhood is super nice and nice, the area around the town hall of the 3rd arrondissement has the merit of being ultra-animated.

Montmartre – 18th arrondissement

With its maze of streets, Montmartre is the ideal spot for parties in Paris. You will find a multitude of small amateur concerts, Parisians, tourists, young, old, and especially a great electro ball where you can wander until the end of the night.

Sainte Catherine Market Square – 4th arrondissement

Blues, contemporary music, rock, pop on this typical pedestrian square and surrounded by bistros with terrace. Ideal for those who want to hear all the people, and enjoy the good weather.

So, if you want to find out about the best bars in Paris and meet a lot of new people while experiencing the best parties in Paris, it is time to chooses one of the best pubs crawls in Paris.

Nothing should stop you from visiting the best bars in the capital. With a bar for 2.000 inhabitants, we still wonder why Parisians are managing to go to work without a hangover.

– What is a Paris Pub Crawl? –

With so many classifications about “the trendiest bars Paris”, “the best students bars in the French capital”, or “the best Parisian pubs”,  we are not too sure to know which are really the best places to choose when visiting Paris. Knowing that the city has so many bars already, plus those that open every month and all the pop-up bars and spots … it is easy to lose your way.

So, we have decided to test the bars’ reputation and some of the best pub crawl in Paris to have a better ranking, and to be able to give you some useful advice of bars that are most often found in this type of ranking.


– Basic pub crawl rules –

In one evening, you should go to at least 5 of the trendiest bars and clubs in Paris and try the specialty of the house in each bar. The best organizers, such as Riviera Bar Crawl & Tours, are covering your entry fee for each venue, and you are sure to get some free shots and drinks in each of the bars.

Another key point is to be sure to have a good crowd with you and to meet new people all night long. Alcohol is kicking, so you should make the best out of it to meet the perfect match for your Parisian weekend or holidays.

Finally, it is all about having as much fun as you can get. Take an obscene number of photos and selfies in the pubs and with tattooed waiters and trendy Parisians. Try not to throw up, and try not to send insane SMS to your boss.

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The best bars for dancing

Bar parties seem to be the best alternative to crowded clubs, which are often expensive. Here is a list of some of the best bars and clubs in Paris so you can find something to fit your kind of party to finish your night out in Paris.

  • The most select: La Mano / 10th district

This temple of the Parisian night will brighten your darkest evenings. After having the agreement of physios, you will pass the doors of this colorful club to walk the dance floor.

  • The best for rock: The Riviera / 11th district

This is the best night bar on Rue Oberkampf, as you can dance from Tuesday to Saturday on eclectic playlists. As a bonus and recently, doors open until 5 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • The most original: La Demesure / 9th district

This multi-concept bar will delight even the most refractory people. A great restaurant, a nice smoker lounge, a club in the basement … everything is here to become disproportionately addicted to the place.

  • The best in summer: Communion / 13th district

With three new dance areas and three new sound systems, you will make it your headquarters in Paris.

  • The trendiest: The Glass / 9th district

Nestled in the heart of Pigalle, this former hostel-bar with a cozy atmosphere invites you to moments of intimacy. As the evening progresses, the room fills up and rises in temperature. Highly recommended if you want to mingle with Parisian hipsters.

  • The most secret: Prescription Cocktail Club / 6th district

Located in the chic district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, this place offers, in addition to a menu rich in high-quality spirits, music that makes you want to spend the night there. You made a good choice when coming here, so, let’s dance now.

  • The most Berliner: Udo / 11th district

If Berlin evokes feast and good sound for you, go to Udo urgently where you can enjoy sausages and German beers … and swing on electro music. It is a great place to go and meet new people and prices are affordable.

  • The warmest atmosphere :  L’Arbane Cocktail Club / 6th district

After drinking some delicious cocktails proposed in the bar menu, you can go down to the vaulted cellar to shake your bodies until the early hours.

  • The most hip-hop: Djoon / 13th district

A club with a New York loft style, the Djoon has some of the most advanced live performances in the capital. And especially for hip-hop, funk, and house music.

  • The most cultural: The Warehouse / 14th district

This place offers exhibitions, debates, screenings, and it is equipped with a bar where to finish your evenings by chatting culture and mixtures

  • The most hidden: Les Dessous du Pantheon / 10th district

Very well hidden, this speakeasy prohibition way is decked out of a scene on which jostle the artists. We laugh, we dance, we meet … Go for it.

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