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 The tiny principality of Monaco is located in the south of France, along the stunning French Riviera. Home to famous casinos, top-rated restaurants, luxury hotels and private beach clubs, Monaco is one of the most affluent places in the world. Celebrities, racing drivers and royalty live within its borders and you’re as likely to spot a Ferrari cruising the streets of Monte Carlo as you are a Ford Focus. It’s the kind of destination made for chauffeur services, and that will be the focus for this article. We’ll discuss the benefits of hiring a private driver during your stay in the principality. Whether it’s to keep you safe or help you to relax, there are loads of great reasons to hire a private driver in Monaco. We’ll also tell you a bit more about Monaco itself, and the costs of hiring a private driver during your stay in the principality.


An introduction to Monaco

Monaco is tiny, one of the smallest countries in the world. You can actually walk around the entire principality in around half a day. Highlights of the city state include the grand Casino de Monte Carlo and the beautiful harbour, which is always jam packed with multi-million dollar yachts and pleasure cruisers. There’s also The Rock, home to the Prince’s Palace. This is where the country’s ruler, Prince Albert II resides with his family.

And of course there’s the legendary Monaco Grand Prix, the jewel in the crown of the Formula One racing calendar. The race winds around the streets of the city every May, attracting thousands of spectators who line the grandstands and clamber up onto The Rock to get a good view. The city is mostly closed to traffic during the race weekend, which means the streets that do remain open tend to grind to a standstill. As well as this, hotels book up fast. Perhaps you have booked a hotel slightly outside Monte Carlo and need to find a reliable way to get into the city? Look no further than a private driver!

Despite its small size, the streets of Monaco can get pretty crowded, and there can be a lot of pressure if you’re surrounded on all sides by expensive supercars, you don’t want to scratch anyone’s Lamborghini! That’s just one reason why hiring a private driver to show you around the city is such a great idea. In the next part of this article, we’ll discuss some more reasons to hire a private driver in Monaco.


Private chauffeur in Monaco

There are numerous reasons why you would want to hire a private chauffeur during your time in Monaco. Here are just a few of them.

#1 Driving standards

Private drivers are, by definition, top quality drivers. They know the streets of Monaco inside out and are much less likely to get involved in any incidents. Plus, on the off chance that a crash or other incident does occur, it won’t be your fault, and you won’t have to deal with the Monegasque authorities!


#2 Planning

If you hire a private driver in Monaco, perhaps it is because you need some security, or have to get to an important event or meeting on time. Private drivers will be able to plan the best routes and ensure you arrive on time and in one piece. For the time you are under their care, your private driver will act almost as your security guard too, helping to keep you safe.


#3 Sit back and relax

If you are unfamiliar with Monaco then it can be very stressful ferrying yourself around, even if you are on holiday! You probably won’t know where you are going and could easily become flustered. If you hire a private driver, all you need to do is make it down to your hotel lobby or agreed meeting point. Then you can sit back and relax whilst your driver does all the hard work. This saves you a lot of stress.


#4 Helpful technology

Your private driver will most likely have satellite navigation and traffic monitoring apps within his car. This means that if there is a lot of traffic, roadworks, or an accident up ahead, your driver should be able to find another route to make sure you arrive at your destination in time. You don’t want them to start the game of Blackjack without you at the casino!


#5 You’ll have loads more time

Depending on your reasons for visiting Monaco, you may be very busy. If you have come to the principality on business, then there is a good chance you’ll have a lot of calls to make and emails to answer. You wouldn’t have time for these if you had to drive yourself around, walk or take public transport. While your private driver is ferrying you around, you get extra time to work… or even sleep.


#6 Alcohol

On the other hand, if you’re in Monaco for pleasure, then there’s a good chance you’ll want to have a few drinks whilst you’re out and about. Obviously this rules out you driving yourself, and you may not want to rely on taxis and other forms of transport if you are not familiar with Monaco. This is where a private driver comes in. Even if you are a bit tipsy, they will be able to get you home safe and sound, and you don’t have to stop enjoying your evening because you have to drive yourself.


So, there are loads of reasons why hiring a private driver in Monaco is a great idea. But how much does it cost? And how do you go about hiring one? Read on to find out.


Hiring a driver: The figures

Riviera Bar Crawls offer private driver services to all of their clients. Perhaps you are exploring Monaco in a large group, or you have a wedding party with you? An eight-seater mini-van costs 490€ for a half day (4 hours), or 790€ for a full day rental (8 hours). They can be extremely flexible, adding on extra hours of work for 90€ per hour. Prices do rise by 20% for work taking place at night.

On the other hand, perhaps you are travelling alone or just with your partner, and you’d prefer to travel around Monaco in style. Riviera Bar Crawls can arrange for you to be chauffeured in a luxury car, seating up to three people alongside the driver. This option is slightly more expensive, costing 650€ for a half day (4 hours) and 900€ for a full day (8 hours). Each additional hour would cost 120€ and again, there is an additional 20% surcharge for nighttime rental.

If you’d like anymore information about these services, or to enquire about a booking, then please email The friendly team will be more than happy to help you.

Summarized in bulletpoints:

*Price includes private chauffeur

Price 8 Seats Minivan :

  • Half day 4 Hours 490€
  • Full Day 8 Hours 790€
  • Extra Hour 90€
  • 20% Extra at Night

Luxury Car 3 Seats

  • Half day 4 Hours 650€
  • Full Day 8 Hours 900€
  • Extra Hour 120€
  • 20% Extra at Night

Personal chauffeur service from Monaco to the French Riviera

Maybe your stay on the French Riviera is a little longer and more expansive? Perhaps you are taking in a bit more of the region, such as exploring Saint Tropez or Antibes? Riviera Bar Crawls can help with all of this. They offer a flexible range of private driver services to help your journey run smoothly. You are more than welcome to enquire about a private driver service from Monaco to Cannes, or anywhere else along the French Riviera.

Private Driver in Monaco

Private driver from Monaco to Nice and Nice airport

You can also book transfers between Monaco and Nice airport, which is the only large international airport in the south of France. It is an important hub for international arrivals to the Riviera and Riviera Bar Crawls will be happy to help arrange transfers for you. Simply get in touch to make your booking now.


Private driver from Monaco to Cannes

Alongside Monaco, Cannes is one of the most popular destinations along the French Riviera. Maybe you are attending the glamorous Cannes Film Festival? If you need transportation between Monaco and Cannes, then Riviera Bar Crawls will be happy to help arrange a private driver for you.


Get 10% lifetime discount for your French Riviera Private driver service

If you make a booking with Riviera Bar Crawls then the company will guarantee you a 10% discount on all future bookings for life. You’ll never have to pay full price again. To take advantage of this amazing deal and to enquire about a booking, simply email But you’d best hurry, this offer won’t last forever!


Private security driver in Monaco

Monaco is an extremely glamorous location, and it is perfectly normal to want to share in this glamour when you visit the principality. Whether you are visiting Monaco for business or pleasure, there are a number of benefits to hiring a private driver. They’ll help to keep you safe, make sure you get to your destination in good time, give you more time to catch up on emails, and ensure you can safely have a few drinks at the event you are travelling to.

Riviera Bar Crawls have loads of different private driver options, the best way to find the right package for you is simply to get in touch. The helpful team will be able to talk you through all the options and help you find the most suitable package. So, what are you waiting for?

Private driver in Cannes

Private driver in Nice


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