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Kindness Communication Meet Up Nice

La Bulle à Jeux, Rue du Pont Vieux, Nice, France
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Kindness Communication Meet Up / Soirée Com’ Bienveillante Nice

Based on the NVC method of Marshall Rosenberg

The concept: every Monday once a week with the Benevolent Com’ evening in Nice our intentions are to propose spaces of meetings, exchange and moments of conviviality. Discover, practice and share emotional intelligence.

What are the Benevolent Communication evenings?
Inspired by NVC (non-violent communication according to Marshall Rosenberg) it is a process that allows us to learn to identify our needs, our feelings, what is alive in us to reconnect to our life momentum, our inner child. To recognise our true nature, to live and love what is at each moment.

The process allows us to give ourselves tools to know ourselves better, to dare to be ourselves, to pacify our relationship with others and to learn how we can make life more beautiful for everyone. Life posture and pragmatic approach, usable in business, family, couple Awareness and discovery.

The course of the evening:

The evening is led by a facilitator who is the keeper of the time, he also manages the process and the rhythm.

– Welcome (Presentation of the concept and the team, Presentation of the participants, Sharing of the current weather

– Workshops (different themes with video exercises and games for deepening)

– Closing (gratitude exercises)

Workshop themes :

– Observing and feeling

– Listening to one’s own feelings and those of others

– Becoming aware of one’s needs

– Making a request

– Communicating with kindness

– Other…

Framework for practice Group agreements :
– Taking responsibility ” Notifying the recipient of absence or lateness

– Speak as “I” or from oneself.

– Listen and do not interrupt (speak one at a time)

– Try to express myself from my feelings and needs

– Possibility to stop at any time

– Try to give maximum attention to the person who is expressing himself/herself.

– Accept to let everyone express what they feel

– We are in a practice space, not a therapy space. The people who propose a situation do not demand a solution or a result.

– Confidentiality: if I talk outside about what happened in the workshop, I only talk about what I experienced. I preserve the anonymity of the participants.


Facilitator: Romain

Contact and information: +33 649 244 407 Online booking until 24 hours before the evening.


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Tour's Location

La Bulle à Jeux, Rue du Pont Vieux, Nice, France


What is the Benevolent Com' evening?
Once a week with the Com' Bienveillante evening in Nice, our intention is to offer spaces for meetings, exchanges and moments of conviviality. To discover, practice and share emotional intelligence.
When and where does the event take place?
L'événement a lieu une fois par semaine, tous les lundis de 19h30 à 21h30.
Who can participate?
The evening is open to everyone, beginners and advanced in NVC. If you have no NVC experience please contact us and we will send you the contact details of a NVC trainer to deepen your knowledge. If you wish you can tell your friends about it
How many people can participate?
From 2 to 12 people


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