Social Riviera Project

Welcome  to  our  Social  Riviera  Project

Social Riviera project is a fundraising project designed to raise money for non-profit organizations, charities, social enterprises and community projects.

We believe that small positive actions today can have an impact on tomorrow’s world. “We can do small things with greatlove” (Mother Theresa).


Our  aim  is  to :

Generate more wellbeing through providing financial support to local, national and international organizations,  For charities, social enterprises and community projects.


How  does  it  work?

1° We select three projects every year from the following areas:

2° We create a fund online for each project where you can give as little as 1€ depending on your budget and inclination. Riviera bar crawl & Tours makes an additional contribution 350€ per month.

3° At the end of the quarter, we collect the money and send it to the selected projects or organizations. We publish the results of our fundraising following each round so you can come back and see how the money was spent.


Current  Charity  Project : Asmae

Created in March 1980, Asmae-Association Sœur Emmanuelle is a non-confessional and non-profit French association under 1901 Law, recognized of public utility.

Asmae has developed more than 40 years of expertise in education/child protection/social welfare for vulnerable children. Nowadays, our teams are based and operating in France, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Egypt, Lebanon, the Philippines.

We work on a daily basis with local organizations to enable 50,000 vulnerable children to develop their full potential and well-being for their social inclusion and participation in the positive transformation of the society. Asmae teams act daily in 5 areas, to combat the distress suffered by children in vulnerable situations :

Prevention of school drop-out and underperformance : in Burkina Faso, Asmae fights against school drop-outs and ensures the provision of eye care and inclusive education for children from 3 to 6 years old with visual impairment so that they get the same opportunities in life as their peers.

Early childhood care and education

Adolescence support : in 2020, Asmae will start implementing a multi-country program that will enable the Youth to fully participate in the positive transformation of the society (vocational training, gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health rights, and leadership).

Prevention and care of children at risk (street children, refugees, gender-based violence, etc) : in Madagascar and in the Philippines, Asmae provides alternative educational programs and psychosocial support to street children so that they go back to school and start vocational trainings

Support to children with disabilities : in Egypt, providing inclusive education for hundreds of children with mental and/or physical disabilities in public schools.

Asmae technical experts train local partner organizations so that they develop & strengthen their skills : teacher training, development & dissemination of appropriate pedagogical tools and methods for children with learning difficulties and with disabilities, alternative educational program for informal schooling, …

We contribute to creating synergies of actions with local and international NGOs, raising awareness among families and communities, advocating towards the authorities and strengthening NGO-private-public partnerships  in order to ensure the ownership and sustainability of our projects.

Within the framework of their Social Project, Riviera’s team are by our side to contribute to developing the full potential of future generations around the world.

Let’s join us and support Asmae’s actions ! Visit the ASMAE WEBSITE