What is Motorbike Touring in France?

Do you want to see as much as you can during your trip? Then the Motorbike Touring in France is the perfect thing for you! Explore the best sights of France, French Riviera and the countries nearby on a motorbike! A motorbike is a vehicle that has 2 wheels and allows you to travel from sight to sight at a quick pace. Staying in Nice and want to see the beautiful sights of Italy? Or are you staying in Marseille and want to drive down to the luxurious country of Monaco? No problem at all! This is what our motorbike tours are for! During this tour you will have the opportunity to rent a motorbike for a few hours, or days and travel through/to your ideal destination(s). So, what are you waiting for?!

How does a motorbike touring in France, Mercantour and the South Alps work?

The first thing you will have to do is pre-book your motorbike experience to ensure there is one available for you! Your motorbike touring in France will be a package that includes an experienced guide, lodging, food and gas. Your guide will guide you to some of the best destinations in France and the nearby countries. All you have to do is select a date and tour package. Please remember, that you must have a valid drivers license to rent a motorbike. We will provide you with a helmet, some rules and safety instructions and then you are off with your guide! You will take your motorbike and experience the beautiful destinations.

Should I rent a motorbike or a Vespa?

The main difference between a motorbike and a Vespa is your travel desire. If you want to travel further distances such as go into the mountains or into Italy, then the motorbike is the perfect vehicle for you. However, if, for example, you are staying in Nice and want to travel to Monaco, then renting a Vespa would be best. We recommend renting a Vespa if you plan to drive through ONLY across or through neighbouring cities. Please remember, that you must have a valid drivers license to rent either.