About Monaco

The Principality of Monaco holds the title of the second smallest country in the world and is known to be a playground for those whose wealth and prestige cannot be overlooked.  Monaco lays about 25 mins of train ride from Nice and about 30 mins away from Italian borders, completely surrounded by France and Mediterranean sea. If you’re staying on the French Riviera it is almost an obligation to also visit this tiny state run by the Prince Albert II.

With the area of only about 2 square km (or 0,77 square miles) Monaco is most known for its Casino Monte-Carlo and the Formula 1 race that takes place every last week of May. Both of these facts lure in thousands upon thousands of tourists each year and you should definitely become one of them!

Probably the most attractive thing Monaco has to offer to the rich are the low and non-existant taxes in certain areas of life. This tax haven offers zero taxes from income to all its residents and ensures very low taxes for businesses. No wonder that only about 22% of all the residents of Monaco are actual Monegasques! Nowadays, acquiring a Monegasque citizenship is almost impossible, that, however, doesn’t have to stop you from getting at least a glimpse of the lifestyle only 1% of the world’s population enjoys. 

Fancy cars, gorgeous yachts and other eye-candies await you in this land of millionaires. Outside of that however, you can still spend your time discovering Monaco’s history of intrigues, monay and glory. Casino Monte-Carlo, the Prince Palace, Notre-Dame Immatriculée and much more are ready to be explored.

So what do you think? Are you intrigued by all the gossips, stories and posh environment Monaco has to offer? Don’t hesitate and join our Trip from Nice to Monaco with a guided walking tour! 

Get together on the Riviera

Whether your planning to have a team building for a team within your company, a newly formed class at students or just a group of friends who want to spend some more quality time together, South of France has a lot to offer.

French Riviera is an amazing place that can present a wide range of activities from exploratory city tours, treasure hunts, adrenaline infused canyoning, but also relaxing food tasting tours or bar crawls. With such a vast number of options it might be hard to chose and coordinate everything to a perfect schedule for your team. That’s why we’re here – to do all the hard stuff for you!

Why Teambuilding with us?

Teambuilding can improve the social bonds and relations within a group, as well as increase the efficiency between coworkers and can help to create/improve the so-important culture in an organization.

Our company has a long history of connecting strangers through various methods, and we praise ourselves in know-how we obtained throughout the years. We can organize a program that includes one or multiple of our activities – or comprises of external activities – that will bond the whole team.

What do we offer?

Not only can you choose out of our broad range activities which we will organize and manage to your needs and liking; we can also provide you with an arrangement of your accommodation, transportation around the area or any other aspects of your time spend here.

Activities we offer include:

  • · Private Walking Tours around Nice, Cannes, Monaco and Antibes
  • · Escape Game – to improve communication and problem-solving skills
  • · Treasure hunt in Nice
  • · Private Food and/or Wine Tasting Tours in Nice and Antibes
  • · Canyoning through the gorges of river Le Loup
  • · Stand-up Paddle tour around Eze village
  • · Private Bar Crawls in Nice, Cannes or Monaco

If you however have any other exciting specific activity you would like to do during your stay, feel free to tell us in an email, and we’ll be more than happy to take it into the arrange it together with everything else.

What’s the price?

You can choose anything from simple private Escape Game to a complete organization of your whole weekend and depending on what you opt in to do, the amount will be reflected. The best way to find out how much the service would cost is to email us for a quote estimate on info@rivierabarcrawl.com.

To get a general idea about our activities’ prices however you can check below;

  • Private Monaco Walking Tour

- 200€ for a group of 1 to 6 people

- 300€ for a group of 7 to 15 people

  •  Private Bar Crawl in Nice

- 15€ per person (free for the soon-to-be)

- Plus 90€ for a private night guide

  •  Canyoning in Gorges de Loup

- 60€ per person [group maximum size of 8 people]

If you choose to use more of our services, we will bundle them up and give you a great discounted offer for everything included!

Booking To get more accurate quote and to book, please email us on info@rivierabarcrawl.com with the dates you’re interested in, number of people that will be joining and what activities would like to do. We’ll come back to you as soon as possible with a price and more recommendations on how to improve your stay!

For any other questions, you can also call us through WhatsApp on +33 649 244 407.







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