Kindness Club Communication Events

Kindness Club Communication :

The concept once a week with the Kindness communication meetups our intentions are to propose spaces of meetings, exchange and moments of conviviality. To make the discovery of this method accessible to everyone, to practice and share emotional intelligence.

Based on the non violent communication NVC method of Marshall Rosenberg :

Non-violent communication (NVC) is an approach and a way of life that aims to bring all human beings closer to themselves and to others.
The process of non-violent communication (NVC) aims to establish relationships between human beings based on harmonious cooperation and respect for oneself and others. By offering a set of tools for listening to our deepest needs and feelings, NVC empowers us to communicate effectively with the people around us and can help us connect and resolve conflicts in a compassionate manner.
Above all, it serves as a compass for creating a life that aligns with our deepest values, every moment.