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Trip from Nice to Monaco – Walking Tour

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Daily Tour

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PRIOR BOOKING IS MANDATORY – Please book in advance so that we don’t exceed maximum capacity

    • Since May, 19th we finally start operating our Walking Tours again!
    • PRIOR BOOKING IS MANDATORY – Please make sure to book in advance

    Preventive measures against Covid-19

    • Visitors are required to respect social distancing
    • To avoid crowds, the number of visitors is limited to 10 people per tour

    Obligations of the traveller

    • Visitors are required to bring their own mask

Trip from Nice To Monaco Monte-Carlo

MINGLE WITH THE RICH AND FAMOUS With Monaco walking tour you can mingle with the rich and famous and “ooh and ah” over the awesome yachts in the harbours. Pause to imagine the skill of the Formula 1 drivers as they fly through the tightest of motor-racing bends in the city streets. Monaco is of course home of the grand prix. Visit the church now known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. It is the burial place for the Grimaldis, including Grace Kelly and Rainier III.

You will see the famous Oceanographic Museum devoted to marine science. This Baroque Revival building overlooks the Mediterranean. Founded in 1910, famed ocean scientist Jacques-Yves Cousteau served as its director for more than 30 years. An aquarium in the basement is home to 4,000 species of fish and features tropical water ecosystems.

Continuing with the Monaco Walking Tour

the Jardin Exotique is a must-see for the green- fingered traveller. This botanical garden, built on the side of a cliff, boasts more than 1,000 succulents, most of which are cacti. Some are more than 100 years old. The garden is also home to the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology and discovered on the site were remains of prehistoric man.

At the end of the tour your guide will be available to answer any questions you may have. They can make recommendations and advise on all things Monaco and Monte Carlo.

There is limited space on the Monaco Walking Tour, and it is always extremely popular. Be sure to book online in advance and make sure you’re with us to discover this world class city with this world class tour.



Imagine the scene. It is 1297 and Monaco is no more than a small Greek colony. Francois Grimaldi, disguised as a monk, successfully led a small army into the fortress of Monaco. He reclaimed it in the name of the Pope. And so began the Grimaldi rise to prominence which continues to this day. The legacy of his daring raid is recorded on Monaco’s coat of arms. It features two monks fighting with swords. Little would he have known that the results of his victory would one day be so valuable.

Monaco is a tiny city. Yet it is one of the most expensive areas to buy real-estate anywhere in the world. The best example must be the Prince’s Palace. It is still the official home of the country’s rulers, the Grimaldi family currently headed by Prince Albert II, the son of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier.

Wealth and luxury are on full display in this exclusive city. It lies in the fabulous French Riviera on the Mediterranean Sea. Monte-Carlo is renowned for its famous casino, lavishly decorated Opera house, old churches, and exotic Jardin Japonais de Monaco.

The definitive way to explore any city is on foot. And, the best way to discover everything a new city has to offer is with a well-informed local guide. It all comes down to the guiding, who and what they know. Monaco-Walking-Tour puts you into the hands of a trusted local expert. They come with years of experience and a vast knowledge. Who better to guide you round this glitzy and glamorous jewel of a city?




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  • Café de Paris and Hôtel de Paris
  • Salle Garnier Opéra of Monte Carlo
  • The Monte-Carlo Casino «Carré d’Or»
  • F1 GP Circuit Monaco
  • Sainte-Dévote Church
  • La Condamine Market
  • The Prince’s Palace
  • The Hercule Port
  • The Cathedral of Monaco
  • Saint Martin Gardens
  • Oceanographic Museum of Monaco


  • 4 Hours Tour, (approximate duration).
  • Guided tour in English.
  • Train Tickets: Nice to Monaco open return (you can use your return ticket any at time after the tour).
  • Explore 12 Hightlights and some hidden corners of Monaco.
  • Small Group Tour with a maximum of 12 people per tour.
  • Food & Drinks
  • Museum admission
  • Personal Expenses


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Created with Sketch. Nice-Ville, Avenue Thiers, Nice, France


When can I take the Monaco Walking Tour?
January, February, March, April: every Tuesday Thursday Saturday.
May, June, July, August: From Monday till Saturday inclusively.
September: every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
October, November, December: every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
What does the Trip from Nice to Monaco ticket include?
The ticket for our Trip from Nice to Monaco pays mainly for your tour guide that will spend 3 to 4 hours with you in the Principality of Monaco. Next to that, however, the price includes the train ticket from Nice main train station to Monaco Monte-Carlo train station and open return back to Nice. That means that after the tour, you are free to stay in Monaco and come back with your train ticket whenever you want to.
Can I meet the tour in straight in Monaco, instead of in Nice train station?
Yes. This is definitely an option you can use. If you wish to meet the tour straight in Monaco, contact us on our WhatsApp number +33 649 244 407 or on our email address We will tell you all the necessary details and give you a discount for your ticket, as you don’t have to pay for the train ticket.
Can I join the Trip to Monaco although I have not booked the tour online?
No. Since there is a limited space and we need to buy the train tickets, we need to know the exact number of participants for every tour. Therefore, it is crucial for you to book if you want to join our Monaco tour.
Where can I find the photo from the tour?
During every tour we take a group picture as a memory of our time spend together. We always post these pictures on our facebook page and we also send you an email with it.
Should I tip my guide?
If you enjoyed your tour you can tip your guide for the time and effort she/he spend with you during your experience! If you really enjoyed the tour, but you don’t have enough money for a tip, you can remember your guide’s name and you can leave her/him a good review on TripAdvisor or on Google reviews.
Where is the meeting place for the Trip from Nice to Monaco?
We always meet in front of the Main Train station of Nice (Gare de Nice Ville) next to Paul Bakery. In case you are joining us in Monaco, we meet you at the Le Comptoir du Rail, inside the Monaco Monte-Carlo train station.
How do I recognize my guide?
When it comes to Trip from Nice to Monaco, our guides will be waiting next to the Pauls Bakery, with a red umbrella, in a civil clothes.
What time is the meeting for the Trip to Monaco?
Everyone meets the guide at 10:20 at the meeting spot. The train leaves at 10:37, and although we will wait as long as possible for all the reservation, we cannot miss the train. Please make sure to be there on time – 10:20. In case you’re joining the trip in Monaco, we meet at 11:05 inside Monaco Monte-Carlo train station.
How long is the tour going for?
The tour lasts for about 3 to 4 hours.
Do we need to bring our passport?
No. Although Monaco is a sovereign country that is not part of the European Union, it is a part of the Schengen area. That means that you don’t need to have your passport with you to enter. If you, however, plan to go to the Casino Monte-Carlo, you will need a passport to get into the playing area
What main points will we see in the tour?
Your guide will take you through all the main touristic sites in Monaco, starting with Monte-Carlo casino, and continuing around St. Devote chapel, Prince Palace, Cathedral Notre Dame Immaculée, and Oceanographic Museum. The tour will also take you through some hidden gems of Monaco like Marché Condamine, Théâtre du Fort Antoine or Jardin St. Martin.
Is there any specific dress code for visiting specific places in Monaco?
For the tour itself there is no specific dress code, however, we do visit a Cathedral Notre-Dame Immaculee, where ladies need to be decently covered. It is not compulsory to go to the cathedral, however, if you want to enjoy the beautiful inside of this landmark take into notice these things – have your shoulders covered, make sure your skirt/shorts aren’t too short (knee length is safe) and have your stomach covered. A good solution is to have a scarf to cover yourself. If you wish to visit the paid part of the Casino Monte Carlo after the tour, have in mind that you must have a “proper attire”. Lastly, Monaco has several nice places for a swim and if you wish to chill down after a few hours of walking we do recommend to have a swimsuit ready with you.
Is the tour suitable for everyone? / Can I join the tour? / Is the tour stroller friendly?
Monaco is a hilly country. It is possible to adjust the road slightly to make it suitable for strollers, however, if you have any medical issues that might prevent you from fully enjoying the tour (e.g. with walking for longer period of time or up a hill), we advise you not to book our tour.
I am running late for the tour. What do I do?
Since the train to Monaco leaves 10:37 we cannot wait too long for any late-comers. If you didn’t manage to be on the station on time and the group has already left, call on the number +33 649 244 407 and explain your situation. You will be given your guide’s contact and you’ll be advised to buy yourself a train ticket to Monaco, where you’ll meet with the tour guide and the whole group.
How can I get to the meeting place?
From the Port of Nice Go to the Garibaldi tram stop and take a tram in the direction of Henri Sappia. Get off of the tram on the Gare Thiers tram stop and go for about 2 mins to the meeting spot, in front of the train station. From Promenade Take a bus 09, 59 or 70 to the “Jean Medecin/Hotel des Postes” stop. Then take a tram in the direction of Henri Sappia. Get off of the tram on the Gare Thiers tram stop and go for about 2 mins to the meeting spot, in front of the train station. OR Take a bus 52 to the “Albert 1er/Phocéens” stop. Then take a tram in the direction of Henri Sappia. Get off of the tram on the Gare Thiers tram stop and go for about 2 mins to the meeting spot, in front of the train station.


Based on 21 reviews
Very Good
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


We had a wonderful walk in Monaco. Our guide was Lili, she was adorable and very helpful. Me and my friend enjoyed it to the fullest and we both would definitely recommend this trip with Lili!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


I had a really great day on this walking tour. Our group consisted of only a handful of other women. So we had a fun girls' day walking around Monaco. The tour is very relaxed and a great way to see a lot of Monaco. When the tour is over, you also have plenty of time to stay in the area as your return ticket to Nice is valid at any time on the same day (and the trains run every 30 minutes or so).
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Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


This tour was great and so was our guide Lilli. She did not stress and was always happy to take pictures of everyone who wanted. We followed her to so many cool places. At the end of the tour everyone was free to either stay or come back to Nice. Loved every minute of this tour.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


The tour with Polina was just great. She helped us around Monaco and the walking tour of Nice was also excellent. I would definitely recommend this tour
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


A very nice day with Rich. It was incredibly hot that day but he managed to keep us in the shade and give us breaks. An organized tour in Monaco is makes sense in order to see the highlights effectively. Well worth to join!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


It was an excellent and informative tour with a very friendly guide. Definitely great introduction to the most famous sites in Monaco, especially if you only have a few hours (as we did), you'll get to see all the highlights!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


Wonderful tour. Our guide was Rich, who was super knowledgeable. He made sure everyone was doing all right. The tour started late because the train management cancelled the morning trips to Monaco, but Rich was flexible and was able to still come up with an excellent tour given the circumstance. Bring a bottle of water!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


Very well organised trip. Maya and Diana have been wonderful. Also did the Cannes free walking tour which was as great as this one. Highly recommended.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


It was a funny and relaxed tour with Catherine. We learnt lots of facts about Monaco intermingled with some funny stories. The organisation and timing was perfect, we walked a lot but it was never a rush because of a few breaks we took to take pictures or get a coffee or whatever. Hope you guys continue doing this good job.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


Such a fantastic tour. We had a great tour guide (Hannah) and it was relaxed but also very interesting. I appreciated that we had time to explore on our own too. The beautiful Malla beach was perfect for the end of the tour. Thanks for a great experience!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


The tour lasted nearly a full day but i was not bored a single minute. We met at Nice train station at 9:30 am and were back in Nice by 4:30 pm. It's extremely good value for money as the price includes train. Louisa was lovely and knew so much about the Monaco. I highly recommend to take this tour.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris

T. Helen

very informative but above all entertaining tour due to many exciting stories about the most beautiful places. You should seriously do it if you are on holiday on the French Riviera.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris



Monaco Walking Tour

Graham put on a great tour - really knowledgeable about the local area and was able to put on a well organised and informative day trip!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris

R. Carlo


good mix of history and current connections

Great day trip from Nice to Monaco. Graham was absolutely cool and provided us with a good mix of history and current connections. A very well thought out itinerary and the bonus of a lunch spot I probably would never have found on my own. Would undoubtedly recommend!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris

Anita, Vanessa and Laura


definitely worth the money

We had a free Walking tour in Nice and Monaco this week with the best tourguide Mark! He told us so many interesting things and funfacts about both cities and was very sympathic and caring. We have seen all the important sights of both cities so it is definitely worth the price! Thank you, Mark! The Austrian girls
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris

Theodore C

This was an excellent and informative tour with a very friendly guide. Could be a really great introduction to Monaco’s most famous sites, and if you only have a few hours (like we did), youll get to see all the highlights!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


I am SO glad I joined the Riviera Walking Tour to Monaco & Monte Carlo. Without this tour and our tour guide - Rich, I would be lost & would not have appreciated the visit as much as I did. Rich is an excellent teacher & story teller. He really makes Monaco’s history sound dramatic & interesting. This tour was well worth its value.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


The tour was great! Our guide Polina told us many interesting stories, showed unique and beautiful places and recommended some activities to enliven our stay. Highly recommend!
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris

Gillian F

Fabulous day yesterday with Rich taking a group of us by train from Nice to Monte Carlo. We had a fabulous time, saw the sights and best of all our guide Rich was an intelligent, informative and fun guide! Would highly recommend.
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris


Walking Tour in Monaco with Lili was amazing! She was really fun and easygoing, shared with us a lot of interesting facts and information. It was so much better than we’d expected. Can only recommend 👍
Fun Day & Night Experiences French Riviera Paris

Kieran Williams

This is a perfect trip for families, couples or solo travellers like myself, who just want to see Monaco and learn about the lifestyle and culture. It’s a great trip to get to know new people, and most importantly, the tour guide we had provided us with lots of interesting facts about Monaco. This trip is worth doing as you get to see all of the parts of Monaco without the chance of missing them, and you learn a lot along the way. Thank you for providing such a great trip!
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