Stand Up Paddle – the real deal

Paddle through Bay of Eze & Cap Estel

  • What: Discovering the Eze Bay on a Stand Up Paddle with a local

  • Where: Eze Beach – Club Nautique

  • When: From May 1st until September 1st

    Starting at 10am (10:00) in front of the Club Nautique

  • Skills Level: All skill levels: beginner/ intermediate/ advanced

  • Prices:
    All-inclusive trip around Eze Bay:         35€
    Rental deal:       1-hour rental, 20€ or 2 hours rental, 37€

  • All-inclusive deal includes: paddleboard | life jacket | local guide| 1,5-hour trip around Eze Bay | 35€

    Rental deal includes: paddleboard | life jacket | 1-hour rental, 15€ or 2 hours rental, 30€

    Book your place as there are limited spaces available

    For rental, pay the deposit 5€ per person for one hour or 10€ deposit per person for 2 hours | pay the balance, in cash, when you get there

  • What to bring : What to bring: drinking water, towel, swimsuit, sun cream.

  • Contact : [email protected] / Whatsapp +33 649 244 407


Take the Bus Line N°100  from The Port to Gare SNCF Eze,  Price 1,50€

Take the Train to Gare de Eze sur Mer,  Price 2.80€

Let’s go Stand Up Paddle together!

We meet at 10 o’clock at Eze Beach – Club Nautique – where we start off by giving you all the necessary equipment and a course on how to use the stand-up paddleboard. Once that’s done, we’re ready to wander off and explore the Bay of Eze. We take you through the bay and give you an inside into the mesmerizing area that surrounds us. Then, we move along and visit Cap Estel – After that, we slowly head back to Eze, while enjoying amazing views the landscape has to offer.

Where better than Eze beach?

Ask any local, there is a fabulous beach at Eze and it’s only a short trip form Nice by train or bus. There you will find crystal clear waters, breath-taking scenery, a perfect beach and our friendly stand-up-paddle team.

People ask us:

Do I need SUP experience?

No. We will teach you everything you need to know about Stand Up Paddle to stand on a board and paddle away.

Do I have to be in shape to do this?

You do not have to be an Olympic athlete, but it does help if you are fit to really enjoy stand up paddle. So, if you can stand on one foot for 30 seconds, get from a kneeling position to a standing position without using your hands and pull out of the deep end of a pool without a ladder you can do this easily. By the way, if balance and strength aren’t really your thing then Kayak rental is also available and super fun.

It’s so much more than just a board and a paddle

Stand up paddle is an adventure for mind, body & soul. At Eze, the scenery is truly up-lifting and SUP is a great way to explore the dramatic coastline. You’ll get a great view of all of the cool underwater stuff too. SUP provides a great workout. It makes use of your entire body, the core, back and legs. Throw in loads of fun, laughter and lots of sunshine and there’s a perfect recipe for a great day out, literally in the Med.

It’s more fun standing up, as they say!

Rent the SUP and explore the coast by yourself!

Did you know that “SUP” is the fastest growing water sport in the Med? Not only is it fun for all ages, but it’s also a sport that everyone can do! Whether you are new to SUP, looking to freshen up your skills, or just want a leisurely paddle our stand-up-paddle sesh is the perfect sun-soaked day out for you.

For only €20/hour you can rent the SUP and after the basic training, you can wander off by yourself to explore the coast and the treasures it has to offer.


Stand Up Paddle & Kayak


Stand Up Paddle & Kayak


Stand Up Paddle & Kayak


Stand Up Paddle & Kayak


Stand Up Paddle & Kayak


Stand Up Paddle & Kayak


Stand Up Paddle & Kayak




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